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American Sign Language (ASL)
Professional and casual... at the same time!!! For real? Ready, set, learn!
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italki teacher since Mar 17, 2023
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I'm a very curious person that's always willing to learn something new. While being mostly quiet and keeping to myself I'm also very passionate about certain topics like language, psychology, science, religion and music. I'm also extremely close with my family but every once in a while I try to branch out to meet new people for new experiences!

American Sign Language (ASL) Lessons

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ASL Basics for Beginners
A1 -  A2

Conversation Practice

284 lessons completed
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ASL Intermediate, kiss the beginners goodbye!
B1 -  B2

Conversation Practice

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Learn to Sign Along to Music!!! Yes!!!
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Conversation Practice

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39 Reviews

Simona Amstutz
5 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
I enjoyed my first few lessons with Omar. It motivates me to learn more by myself and finally see some progress after a long time. Omar is patient and repeats the parts I don't understand. I am looking forward to my next lesson with him. :)
Feb 17, 2024
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Omar is a great teacher in ASL. He is very accommodating. I learned a lot in his ASL Basic for Beginners. I will certainly be signing up for another level with Omar in March 2024.. Great Job Omar!!!!
Feb 10, 2024
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Omar Canto is a well organized teacher. He allows you to express yourself and still corrects you when needs be. That way one learns faster. Thanks Omar! Keep on doing what you are doing.
Feb 7, 2024
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Oh boy! Omar is a great American Sign Language Tutor who is very patient. He is eager to share his knowledge, so that the student can understand. What a 'Great Teacher' Omar is and I will always recommend him on this platform. Good Job Omar!!!!!
Feb 4, 2024
Becky Teall
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Omar is the best teacher I would recommend highly for anyone who is interested in learning asl
Jan 28, 2024
Becky Teall
6 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Omar is a great teacher 👏 teaching me asl so much
Jan 2, 2024
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