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Eva B

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TESOL certified & MA in Linguistics English teacher (9+ years of experience)
From United StatesLiving in Augusta, United States (13:39 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Dec 18, 2014
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Hi there, my name is Eva. I'm from Arizona in the U.S., but I've lived abroad in Japan and Mexico for many years. I love traveling around the world and learning about new cultures and languages! (In addition to teaching language, language learning is my passion, too!) Aside from that, my hobbies include cooking, hiking, reading, doing yoga, and arts & crafts.

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General English Speaking Skills
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EIKEN Test Prep・英検スピーキングテストの準備
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TOEFL Bootcamp
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GRE/GMAT Bootcamp
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328 Reviews

Student JnnK
153 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eva is literally the best teacher for English learners. She is not just one of the native speakers who speak English as a first language but she is very professional and always tries her best to help me improve my English by giving corrections on my mistakes and answering my questions about English. Not only is she a professional teacher, but she also has such a nice personality and I always really enjoy talking to her and get a lot of insights into all kinds of things!
May 18, 2020
Student Wilson
1,180 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eva is a great teacher. She has tried different ways to help me to improve my English. Her notes are helpful and useful. You can know the mistakes you made during the lesson from the note. So you can learn from mistakes. She always encourages me to speak and express myself. She is not only a amazing teacher but also a patient listener. Besides, her smile on her face in the class makes you relax. I feel happy after her class. It is highly recommended to refer her to those who are serious learners. Do your lesson in the morning so you can feel great after the class and have the good mood for the beginning of the day
Mar 25, 2018
Student Takeo Koyanagi
Takeo Koyanagi
100 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
The New York Times " Excellent!" The Washington Post " One of the best English Lessons ever" Time Magazine " Must take her lesson!" and the list goes on...
Oct 5, 2017
Student Shoko
6 English lessons
I took a trial lesson today with Eva. She is very kind and nice. She is listening to me and try to find out how to improve my English. After having some questions, she quickly made a plan for the next lesson. I look forward to seeing you her soon! Thanks Eva!
Mar 5, 2024
Student Olivia
12 English lessons
Eva is sooooo brilliant! Learning English with her makes me feel more confident!😆
Dec 7, 2023
Student Max
9 English lessons
Have a very nice talk about my traveling with Eva and recap our materials used before.
Oct 24, 2023
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