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I can make Thai people love you more with Thai language and How to prepare before go to Thailand
From ThailandLiving in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand (02:49 UTC+07:00)
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italki teacher since May 19, 2023
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Name : Lookkaew Age : 40 Current Occupation : Foreigner's Assistant Character : Be chatty ; Easy going ; Joyful ; Helpful ; Kind ; Polite

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Basic Thai language/ Intermediate or Advance level and How to prepare before travelling to Thailand, and consultant everything about Thailand
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David Moss
5 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm really lucky to have Lookkaew as my teacher. She has a great personality, lots of patience, and knows how to make me think hard about tough questions. Her way of teaching helps me always improve pronunciation and put sentences together. With each lesson, I'm getting more interested in what we're studying. This excitement for learning is proof of how good she is at teaching. Even though the work is challenging, I'm doing well with her help. I can't wait for every class, and that's because Lookkaew knows how to make learning interesting and challenging. I even enjoy the homework 😊 I believe that having a personal tutor is something you can't put a price on. I'm really looking forward to learning more and getting better with her guidance.
Jun 27, 2023
5 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Excellent teacher who is willing to go the extra mile to help out students. She helped me with conversation, helped me learn new vocabulary and helped me to understand how to apply the new vocabulary to a conversation. Very patient and very kind.
Jun 4, 2023
Rob ร็อบ
3 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Lookkaew is a really interesting person who has a lot to offer. She speaks clearly and the conversation just flows. Recommended!!
Jun 3, 2023
ジミー (Jimmy)
2 Thai lessons
This was the 2nd lesson and it was a blast. She made me review and had to answer questions from the first lesson. She introduced new vocabulary words that would be useful for my travels. Khab Khun Khop!
Nov 27, 2023
ジミー (Jimmy)
2 Thai lessons
A wonderful experience! It was my first time to learn Thai and she was very kind and patient with me. She had presentation cards and wrote all of the phrases for me. She was very energetic and gave lots of compliments. She introduced new phrases and she would always comeback to them by asking questions or asking for translations. She gave a lot of useful tips about traveling in Thailand such as what to look out for and culture awareness. I highly recommend this teacher and the lesson. I look forward to having more lessons with me. Khob Kun Krap!
Nov 19, 2023
15 Thai lessons
Kru Lookkaew is a wonderful teacher 🤗 She very patient, kind, and always prepared with learning materials each class. Most of all, Lookkaew is fun! I alway look forward to our lessons 💕
Nov 7, 2023
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