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Ms Ruche Jansen

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Certified TEFL/TESOL tutor and experienced Afrikaans and English educator assistant.
From South AfricaLiving in Other, South Africa (22:13 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 14, 2023
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Speaks and write Afrikaans and English very good. I've obtained a certificate in TEFL/TESOL at TEFL Universal. I'm a commercial model at 33 and Me Talent Agency. I have experience as an educator assistant at Dower Practicing School grade 1 English class and grade 4 Afrikaans class. in primary school i was a prefect and in high school i was the head girl of the school i was at. After many years i've made history as i was the only female who was in charge as head girl ,as there was no males who've made the requirements for head boy. i had to run everything and i was in charge of two deputy head girls.

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3 Reviews

Student RyanAnnie
2 Afrikaans lessons
I love Ruche’s method - she makes learning so fun and comfortable. I look forward to every session!!
Feb 6, 2024
Student david
1 Afrikaans lesson
Ms Ruche is a stellar tutor here on italki and I highly recommend that you book a lesson with Ms Ruche if you have an interest in learning Afrikaans. I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson and I will definitely book another lesson soon. I learned a lot from Ms Ruche in our first hour long session and I am excited to book my second lesson. Ms Ruche will patiently listen to you and tries her very best to adapt to students specific requirements and goals. Ms Ruche is cares a lot about solidifying students understanding of Afrikaans and caters her teaching style just for you. She will teach you how you want to be taught and explains well the reasons behind certain aspects of the language. 5/5*
Nov 25, 2023
Student Nicholas Denne
Nicholas Denne
4 Afrikaans lessons
really enjoyed it - planning my sessions now
Jul 27, 2023
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