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italki teacher since Mar 30, 2023
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Hello, My name is Jasmeen, and I hail from a small town in the Punjab, India, where cornfields and cows outnumber people. Punjabi and Hindi are the languages I have grown up speaking and love to teach. I make learning fun and enjoyable. Ditch those textbooks and experience the joy of true learning. Other than teaching, I am passionate about singing, travelling, and making a positive impact on the world.

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55 Reviews

Student Shoaib A
Shoaib A
2 Punjabi lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy my first lesson with Jasmeen, and hope to have more. I am at an intermediate level so I wanted an experienced teacher who could help me improve my conversation skills. She made space for me to speak as much as possible and was able to offer corrections and perspective without interrupting. She has a lot of knowledge about Punjabi culture which I enjoyed learning about. Would highly recommend her as a teacher for all levels.
Jul 1, 2023
Student Rhonda J
Rhonda J
12 Punjabi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jasmeen continues to amaze me! She always manages to teach so much in just 1 lesson. After every lesson, I feel that I can understand and speak more Punjabi with others. Her lessons are genuinely helpful because when speaking Punjabi with others, they have complimented me regarding how quickly I am learning each week. This is only possible because of Jasmeen. If you're looking to learn Punjabi quickly, I highly suggest having Jasmeen as a teacher! I can't wait to keep learning with Jasmeen :)
Jun 22, 2023
Student Preston
10 Hindi lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jasmeen is the kind of teacher that makes language learning easy. She explains concepts clearly, has good course materials, is very patient, and does a great job at making the class challenging but not overwhelming. It's obvious that she is invested in her students and is willing to go the extra mile to see them succeed. Thank you Jasmeen!
May 17, 2023
Student Gregory James
Gregory James
1 Punjabi lesson
Wonderful teacher with an effective method that most teachers do not have. Unorthodox teaching always brings about marvelous change and exciting new ways of learning, she does this well. She cares and will guide you where or how you need based on her experience and knowledge.
Apr 4, 2024
Student Sona
3 Punjabi lessons
Jasmeen is a really good teacher. She is very patient and understanding. Her instructions are very clear to follow and i have been learning quickly and making significant progress in my classes even though i had no prior knowledge about the language. Very happy with the classes 😊
Mar 24, 2024
Student Ashwin Bali
Ashwin Bali
1 Punjabi lesson
Jasmeen is very informative and helpful and is a great teacher :)
Dec 31, 2023
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