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I'm a native English speaking, Irish Psychologist!
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italki teacher since Aug 4, 2023
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Hello, my name is Arron. Besides teaching, I have worked in multi-disciplinary teams within services as a psychologist that provided care for adults with addiction and children with severe traumas and challenging behaviors. In addition, I provide adult psychotherapy sessions next to being a teacher. Outside of work-life, I adore music (experimental and ambient electronic music primarily), reading classic books, watching classic movies from different countries, playing sports (squash, football and beach volleyball) and meeting with those who are open to showing their vulnerable side.

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5 Reviews

1 English lesson
Arron is an attentive and empathic teacher!
Sep 8, 2023
Spencer Airbender
1 English lesson
It was a great pleasure learning the English language from Arron. The fear of meeting a speaker of the English language as a non-native speaker myself had placed me in a state of suspended superstition of apprehension and elation. I was in every sense, Schrodinger's Cat. However, the wavelength function collapsed into a singularity when Arron entered, he spoke with such elegance and academic aptitude that became the dopamine antagonist of my D2 receptor, resulting in an increase in monoamines in the synaptic cleft and my ability to focus on the class. Arron trained me in the ways of phrasal verbs, the past tense, and spelling. I would not be able to utilize the English language in such a way were it not for Arron's understanding of the underlying principles of Germanic languages. Arron didn't teach me English, he allowed me to experience it in its entirety, dramatically reorganizing activity and regenerating neuronal connections in my brain. You have my eternal gratitude, Arron.
Sep 6, 2023
Camila Castro
2 English lessons
Our first class was great, we discussed my goals and he listened to me very carefully. He showed patience and genuine interest to support me improve my English skills aligned with my needs.
Aug 21, 2023
Alberto • Accent Pro
1 English lesson
Arron is an outstanding and patient teacher. I was interested in learning about Irish culture, including slang and expressions. He did a fantastic job, and I learned so much! The lesson was fun and very informative. He will teach you like you are his best friend. He will make the process of learning an enjoyable treat. Thank you very much!
Aug 16, 2023
Konstantin Shemyakin
1 English lesson
I had the chance of attending one of the best English lessons I've ever experienced. Arom was not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly. The teacher's enthusiasm and ability to make the subject captivating made the lesson truly enjoyable. They encouraged active participation, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The ample speaking practice was undoubtedly a highlight of the lesson. It provided a fantastic opportunity to apply the language in real-life scenarios, thereby solidifying my comprehension and communication skills.
Aug 7, 2023
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