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Irish Psychologist; Native English Teacher
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italki teacher since Aug 4, 2023
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I enjoy, above all else, helping people to achieve their individual aims. I like to, through empathetic, open and explorative responses, encourage students to reflect upon themselves and delve deeply into themselves. Conversational Classes -> I will use my professional listening skills to allow you to explore yourself in whatever way or manner you are comfortable with. Psych Skills -> Teach you how to employ the same listening skills that I use in my profession and as a teacher, so that you can use these skills in your own life.

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14 Reviews

Student Michelle Lara
Michelle Lara
13 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
The classes with Arron have been very helpful. I took the lessons on "listening skills and psychological response". It has helped me realize what areas I need to work on in my English, as well as my skills as a counselor. Arron is amazing, very kind and patient. I really enjoy my lessons with him.
Oct 13, 2023
Student Florence
14 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
In preparation for a professional assignment in Ireland that required a deep understanding of technical language in psychology, I sought out Arron's expertise. Thanks to his regular and in-depth feedback I immediately implemented, I saw significant progress in a very short amount of time: my proficiency nearly tripled in just three weeks of regular lessons with him. More than just a teacher, Arron became a true coach, encouraging and guiding me at every step. His ability to pinpoint my needs and provide tailored instruction gave me the confidence to tackle my project in Ireland head-on. For those looking for a personalized pedagogical approach paired with genuine support, I highly recommend Arron. Moreover, for those who value genuine vulnerability and constant discovery, learning with Arron is a wise choice.
Oct 6, 2023
Student Florence
14 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've always had particularly high standards when it comes to education. When I shared my ambitions and objectives with Arron, I expected him to meet my expectations, but he exceeded them in a remarkable way. His precision, methodology, and dedication are noteworthy. With him, learning becomes a collaborative partnership where, together, we elevate each other. Working with Arron is a truly standout experience. 👏
Oct 6, 2023
Student Anna Khudokormova
Anna Khudokormova
2 English lessons
It was a lesson full of practice in a humanistic psychological approach. Thank you for your calmness and patience.
Apr 11, 2024
Student Florence
14 English lessons
Arron is a great English teacher. He makes things clear and helps clarify goals. His lessons are easy and helpful. I recommend him for anyone looking to improve their English.
Nov 25, 2023
Student Illia Temnov
Illia Temnov
21 English lessons
Super tutor. It's a great pleasure to talk with Arron.
Nov 22, 2023
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