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Making learning languages fun and dynamic. Why should you be bored while learning?
About Me
italki teacher since Apr 18, 2018
Hi, I'm a language enthusiast, was born in Indonesia, but speak English on a daily basis. Call me Yohana, or Yo for short. I like sharing my abilities and knowledge and being part of people's journey to success. I write my own music, play guitar and keyboard, and also regularly write stories on some digital novel platforms. I am very fond of learning about people and their backgrounds, so I keep in touch with a lot of people coming from all over the world.

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387 Reviews

13 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
As always, it's a pleasure to talk to Yo, she always knows how to motivate me to use a wide range of words and discuss diverse topics. Terima kasih untuk kelas yang menarik! 👍
May 23, 2022
Ruby G Senjaya
8 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
It was a very nice session with Ms Yohana. As a teen myself, I can feel like I have a friend I can talk my hobbies into! Anddd she's a very supportive and fun person to talk to, too. Every single conversation turns into a very fun topic to be discussed and she provided a very, very interesting subject for us to talk! Her classes were wonderful and I'm always excited every time I had a session with her, it seems like an hour is never enough. She herself was a very interesting person and not to mention very respectful as well. Me and her share similar hobbies and life experience which makes my session much, much more funner. With all my sessions passed, I could learned that her lessons are worth the wait for! Even with all the age gap there are between me and her, I could talk to her as if she were my age! Quite unbelievable, I know. But it's true. I would really recommend her as an english conversation teacher, she teaches the best!
Jun 30, 2021
29 Indonesian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had a great Indonesian lesson with Yohana as usual. We talked about pets and animal cafes in Japan, as well as some issues related to animal captivity. She always give me important corrections and suggestions. ** Pelajarannya dengan Yohana bagus banget seperti biasa. Kami ngobrol tentang hewan peliharan dan cafe binatang di Jepang, serta soal yang terkait dengan tahanan hewan (?). Dia selalu memberikan ku perbaikan dan saran yang penting.
Jul 27, 2019
Josh / 书华
5 Indonesian lessons
Thanks for the great lesson again! And thanks for putting so much effort into having a conversation even with my limited Indonesian. Terima kasih!
Nov 16, 2022
Josh / 书华
5 Indonesian lessons
It was another great lesson with Yohana!
Nov 9, 2022
Josh / 书华
5 Indonesian lessons
Thanks for the great lesson! You really got me to speak despite my limited vocabulary. That was really appreciated! I look forward to more lessons with you.
Oct 27, 2022
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