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italki teacher since May 14, 2024
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✅I speak 5 languages fluently (German, English, French, Arabic and Berber (Tarifit)).🌎 ✅My native language is German. ✅I was born and raised in Germany, near Bonn/Cologne. ✅I attended school in Germany for 15 years and studied near Bonn. ✅I learned French almost entirely online, including through platforms like Italki. ✅I went on a language trip 🌎where I learned Arabic and was able to improve my English. ✅I have a lot of experience in learning languages. ✅I have learned three additional languages after my two native languages using different methods: English, French, and Arabic.

German Lessons

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natural conversation practice with a german native speaker for all levels(A1-C2)
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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USD 6.50+
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Learn with fun while practicing reading, pronunciation, listening comprehension, and more.
A1 -  C2


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For beginners only: Practice writing (A0-A2), practice grammar (A0-A2) together.
A1 -  A2


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18 Reviews

Student David
3 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
A brilliant lesson with Rachid, who was very supportive and well-prepared. Rachid was easily able to adapt to my preferred way of learning and kept the lesson going at the right pace for me. He was also easy to talk to, which certainly helped me overcome my nervousness at speaking!
May 27, 2024
Student Robert Raich
Robert Raich
3 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
It was a great experience! He was so organized and proactive with discussions. He sent me a summary of our conversation after our lesson. Highly recomanded. I will book a next session for sure! Thanks!
May 24, 2024
Student Mohamed Monzer
Mohamed Monzer
6 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ich hab meine Probestunde mit Herr Baraka durchgeführt und ich kann sie mit ausgezeichnet beschreiben . Er hat eine strukturierte Plan gestellt damit ich meine Schwäche kenne und darauf reagieren.
May 24, 2024
Student Jane Alice
Jane Alice
4 German lessons
Jun 13, 2024
Student Костив Ирина
Костив Ирина
3 German lessons
Отличный преподаватель, очень коммуникабельный, легко и приятно общаться. Очень хорошо поддерживает разговор при этом записывает, что очень важно для качественного изучения языка. Очень рекомендую. Пять звёзд,⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jun 13, 2024
Student External BI Consulta
External BI Consulta
2 German lessons
I would highly recommend Baraka as a German natural conversation teacher. He is very supportive and encouraging, always pushing me to speak more and get the most out of the course. He patiently listens without interrupting, but takes detailed notes to provide targeted feedback on my vocabulary, grammar, and even pronunciation.
Jun 12, 2024
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