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My name is Chrysa and I live in Athens, Greece. I love travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. I am a language enthusiast with a deep passion for teaching and connecting with people from different cultures. I'm 28 years old and have a diverse academic background. I believe that learning a language is a gate to understanding and embracing a new culture.

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32 Reviews

Student Kat
35 Greek lessons
on days when I feel I am not really getting anywhere, I get affirmation and positive feedback from Chrysa. As an older learner, it really helps me stay enthusiastic. I very much appreciate her honest but caring teaching style! And yes, it takes time, effort and diligence.
Apr 13, 2024
Student Naomi
9 Greek lessons
I appreciate Chrysa's teaching - she draws from many different resources, like grammar books and online exercises, some of which she also shares with me so that I can continue studying by myself after class. She keeps a personalised spreadsheet for me with new vocabulary and grammar that we cover in each class, and even sends me digital flashcard sets that I can study so I don't forget new words! Having our classes to look forward to makes me feel much more motivated to keep up with my language learning, and I can tell that I have improved since starting classes with her. Thanks Chryssa!
Mar 16, 2024
Student Kat
35 Greek lessons
Always a joy, positive and extremely helpful!
Mar 16, 2024
Student Kat
35 Greek lessons
Always great. So much to learn but Chrysa helps me not to feel overwhelmed. Homework and review helps me lots! Nice to have a patient teacher who listens.
Mar 4, 2024
Student Kat
35 Greek lessons
Just a fabulous experience with Chrysa. A great listener, gentle teacher and totally focused on my learning process and guiding me along. I feel I am making progress and my confidence is building. Yay!
Mar 3, 2024
Student Elizabeth Thornton
Elizabeth Thornton
29 Greek lessons
I've been taking lessons with Chrysa for two months now, and I love the combination of skills and traits that she brings to the table, including resourcefulness in terms of selection of materials, consistency in prompting active practice during class, and a general friendly demeanor that inspires comfort with trying and stumbling along the way. I also love how she builds customized review materials to help structure my practice in between sessions. She's a great tutor to work with!
Mar 1, 2024
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