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My name is Emmanouil but usually they call me Akis and I am a native Greek speaker. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece but now I live in Germany. I am interested in many things, and I have a very friendly and positive attitude. I am able to provide help to you or to your kids in various ways, like for example I could help you to improve your reading and your conversation skills, or even I could spot and name your weaknesses and suggest you what we can do together to improve your skills. Of course, we can approach our lessons in any way that suits your needs.

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16 Reviews

Student Robert Koulakes
Robert Koulakes
42 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been taking lessons with Akis for close to 6 months now and he's been absolutely fantastic. He tailors each individual lesson to the areas I need improvement in and even prepares his own teaching materials. Cannot recommend him enough!
Feb 29, 2024
Student Steve Stoikopoulos
Steve Stoikopoulos
43 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Akis was determined to identify the level of my Greek abilities and quickly put together a proper lesson plan to get me started on progressing in the language. Learning with Akis seems effortless and fun like learning with a family member. He quickly adjusts and adapts to my needs or requests. With our 9-hour time difference, his schedule is flexible enough to accommodate for lessons at my convenience. He provides homework to keep me motivated and learning throughout the week. even after just four lessons, I'm already more comfortable starting and maintaining conversations in Greek. I'm excited about continuing with Akis and am confident I will meet my goals
Jan 22, 2024
Student Josef Brunner
Josef Brunner
55 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Akis ist ein idealer Lehrer für Konversation, sehr motiviert, sehr gut vorbereitet unf bietet mit seinen vielen Materialien einen sehr abwechslungsreichen Unterricht an. Daneben hat er noch eine Fülle von sehr hilfreichen Tipps für jeden Griechisch Lernenden. Ich freue mich bereits auf die nächste Stunde!!!
Aug 4, 2023
Student robert caldas
robert caldas
6 Greek lessons
Great lesson! Appreciated correction and help with idioms and pronounciation. Added bonus is Greek music and lyrics.
May 8, 2024
Student robert caldas
robert caldas
6 Greek lessons
Great intro lesson! He is friendly, easy to talk to and not afraid to correct when needed. Have already bought 5 one hour lessons. Believe I will achieve my goals with him. Did I mention he is witty and funny?
May 3, 2024
Student Steve Stoikopoulos
Steve Stoikopoulos
43 Greek lessons
The progress we make with each lesson continues to increase. I have no doubt I will reach my goals much faster than any method I have tried before, including previous tutoring.
Feb 10, 2024
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