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Have fun learning Swedish through conversations 🗣️🇸🇪
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Hi there! I'm Nicole, a Swedish girl raised by an English speaking father and Finnish speaking mother in a Swedish speaking country. I'm obsessed with languages and cultures, and have studied many languages throughout my life (Such as Italian, Korean, Finnish and Italian) . Recently, I fell in love with tutoring English when I lived in Italy, and now I'm keen on helping others learning my beautiful language Swedish! I'm a an easy going person, a bookworm, Broadway enthusiast, and lover of all things tacos! Hope to see you soon! Friendly and accepting of everyone <3

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38 Reviews

Student Gal Rafiah
Gal Rafiah
18 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm so happy with the progress I made with Nicole. After a short time, I'm already able to talk in swedish with her, and my vocabulary has expanded greatly. She always finds new ways for me to practice and find my way of navigating the language. She is so kind and encouraging me to speak in Swedish and try to think of new ways to express my sentences. The lessons are always fun, and I learn a lot. I look forward for the next lesson :)
Mar 23, 2024
Student Ben Podmore
Ben Podmore
14 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Nicole is absolutely fantastic. A great teacher - highly recommended.
Jan 5, 2024
Student Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio
12 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thanks Nicole for this lesson! It was really nice talking to you today, getting to know you better and having an interesting conversation about books. Nicole really listens to you, allows you to feel comfortable making mistakes and helps you out using English when you are struggling. So it just feels more like a casual meeting instead of a language lesson.
Nov 15, 2023
Student Ella H-M
Ella H-M
1 Swedish lesson
Nicola was so nice and it really felt like we were just having a conversation, she took the time to go through any words I didn't understand and spoke very clearly so I could understand. I will definitely book another lesson!
May 27, 2024
Student Salma
1 Swedish lesson
I had so much fun during our lesson, this amazing tutor was really patient and made me feel more confident. Tack så mycket!
May 26, 2024
Student Denise
17 Swedish lessons
Really enjoyed today’s lesson - we got to talk about the weather and learned new words. Great day to expand my vocabulary.
Apr 7, 2024
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