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Filipino (Tagalog)
Tagalog/Cebuano Tutor with a Bachelor in Education and 3 formal years of teaching experience.
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Mabuhay! I’m Teacher Ruth, a graduate from Saint Francis College with a Bachelor of Education degree. With several years of formal teaching experience in both the public and private school sphere, I am here to help you learn Tagalog or Cebuano! I’m naturally a cheerful and warm person, who loves adventure and meeting new people 🥰! Beyond formal lessons, I’m happy to provide you with advice and share knowledge about the beautiful culture, art and history in the Philippines 🇵🇭. Book a free 30 minute trial session with me today to get started on your journey as a student who is ready to explore the rich culture and language of the Philippines!

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25 Reviews

Filipino (Tagalog)
6 Cebuano lessons
Teacher’s pick
Over the years, I've taken 285 lessons on iTalki. I have to say that April has really stood out as a great teacher. She is spending time outside of class preparing materials to make our classes better. She is always happy and energetic. I can't say enough good things about her.
Sep 11, 2023
Tobias Piironen
10 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have had 4 different teachers but Ruth is the best I have had. she explains well, corrects when you make mistakes in a professional manner. She makes a good professional assessment of where you are and moves on quickly without wasting a lot of time. if you want a good teacher, this is the best option
Aug 27, 2023
3 Cebuano lessons
Teacher’s pick
I just had my first lesson with April Ruth and it was a very interesting and insightful lesson, where i learned a lot from the session we had. She is friendly and patient with her students. I can recommend April if you want to learn Cebuano and i am excited for our next sessions. Salamat sa leksyon, April :)
Aug 26, 2023
6 Cebuano lessons
During our lesson today, April gave some helpful feedback. She noticed my pronunciation was off with some of my words. Because of this, she was able to adjust the lesson to include some tips on how to pronounce the Bisayan words. She also had some slides already prepared that she pulled up to cover the topic. She really surprises me with her preparedness.
Sep 25, 2023
Rafael Jimenez
1 Cebuano lesson
The instructor's invaluable assistance and amiable demeanor were truly remarkable. Their remarkable patience and unwavering commitment to elucidate the nuances of pronunciation on a word-by-word basis left an indelible impression. Conquering the intricacies of Bisaya may be a formidable task, but under their tutelage, the journey becomes decidedly more manageable and rewarding. Thank you April Ruth!
Sep 24, 2023
1 Filipino (Tagalog) lesson
Thanks for an excellent class April! I appreciate all your preparation and encouragement. I look forward to taking another.
Sep 23, 2023
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