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My name Myles, I am a licensed professional teacher from Philippines. You can call me Teacher Myles. I graduated in Philippine Christian University, Manila with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in General Science. I have been in teaching position for 12 years handling grade 8 and grade 9 students of junior high school. I am also a mother of two smart and lovely kids. My eldest son is 10 years old and my youngest son is 5 years old. They are both in elementary grade level. My hobbies are photography, vlogging, video editing and designs. I also love reading books and watching science-related videos.

Filipino (Tagalog) Lessons

Trial Lesson
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USD 5.00+
Filipino-Tagalog For Beginners: Learn Basic Tagalog Words, Numbers and Phrases/Sentences
A1 -  A2


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USD 10.00
Filipino/Tagalog Conversational Practice Talking(Free Talk)
C1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

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USD 10.00
Filipino Tagalog For Intermediate: Learn Advanced Tagalog Words and Phrases/Sentences
B1 -  B2

Conversation Practice

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USD 10.00


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