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現役の日本語教師です! I am an active Japanese teacher!
From JapanLiving in Kawaguchi, Japan (15:19 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Aug 4, 2023
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Hello! It’s nice to meet you. My name is Hiromi. I’m a teacher at a Japanese language school. My students range from beginners to advanced. Let’s work together to practise and improve. Please ask any questions about Japan and Japanese. I’m always happy to help my students. I like sushi, eel, and sports. I also like One Piece. Please tell me what you like in our lessons. I'm looking forward to talking with you! みなさん、こんにちは。はじめまして。 わたしのなまえは ひろみです。 わたしは、にほんごがっこうで にほんごを おしえています。 わたしは、寿司がすきです。うなぎがすきです。スポーツがすきです。 そして、ワンピースがすきです。 みなさんの すきは なんですか? ぜひ レッスンで おしえてください^^ みなさんと おはなしできるのを たのしみにしています!

Japanese Lessons

Trial Lesson
10 lessons completed
USD 8.00+
elementary grammar⭐︎ しょきゅうぶんぽう
A1 -  B1


8 lessons completed
USD 12.00+
Package with 4% off
Japanese for Business ビジネス日本語
B1 -  C1


15 lessons completed
USD 12.00+
Package with 5% off
conversation 会話
A2 -  C1

Conversation Practice

34 lessons completed
USD 12.00+
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11 Reviews

Student Joel Ishii
Joel Ishii
2 Japanese lessons
Hiromi is a very kind and thoughtful teacher. I sometimes get nervous when I try to speak Japanese, but Hiromi's relaxed demeanor makes it easy to talk to her. I highly recommend Hiromi's class to anyone thinking about studying Japanese. ひろみ先生、また会えるのを楽しみにしていますよ!
Jun 16, 2024
Student Dean D
Dean D
1 Japanese lesson
Hiromi-sensei made an enthusiastic atmosphere. Highly recommend her fun and engaging lessons to anyone looking to improve their conversational skills.
Feb 22, 2024
Student James Genna
James Genna
2 Japanese lessons
I had a very good first lesson. Hiromi sensei was very kind and accommodating despite my struggles to speak.
Oct 13, 2023
Student Chad
5 Japanese lessons
I had another fun and interesting lesson with Hiromiさん in which we talked about a lot of topics. While the topics were wide ranging we spent some time talking about delicious Japanese food which makes me hungry after the lesson. Hahaha. All in all another very fun lesson.
Sep 16, 2023
Student Will
1 Japanese lesson
Wonderful first lesson. Looking forward to more.
Sep 11, 2023
Student Chelsea Heras
Chelsea Heras
3 Japanese lessons
Hiromi is a great teacher who motivates her students to study so that I make the most out of my lesson. She is patient, encouraging, and knows how to give feedback and corrections in a kind and considerate way. I am motivated to do my best so I can begin utilizing the wonderful book she recommended! 10/10 recommend
Sep 3, 2023
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