Galician teacher Paula Teixeira

Paula Teixeira

Professional Teacher
Gaelic (Irish)
PhD in Linguistics. Years of experience teaching Galician to international students
From SpainLiving in Other, United Kingdom (18:14 UTC+01:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Aug 30, 2023
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I am a professional linguist and teacher of Galician from Rías Baixas (Pontevedra, Galicia). I obtained four different degrees from Galician and British universities. For the last 7 years I have been teaching and researching at University in Ireland and Scotland.

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23 Reviews

Student Maria
23 Galician lessons
Teacher’s pick
Paula is an outstanding teacher. It is clear from all of her materials that she takes a great deal of pleasure in sharing the Galician language with others. She is a natural in the classroom: patient, encouraging and always respectful of the student's own aims and goals. I am continually impressed by the sheer amount of resources that Paula has created. To me, this speaks both to her understanding of students different learning styles, and her determination to be an inclusive teacher. I always look forward to my classes with Paula and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking about studying Galician.
Mar 13, 2024
Student Óscar García
Óscar García
17 Galician lessons
Teacher’s pick
Estou aprendendo moi rápido con Paula. Prepara material para cada clase e con ela tes un seguimento totalmente individualizado. Estou 100% satisfeito con ela.
Jan 23, 2024
Student Neil Anderson
Neil Anderson
23 Galician lessons
Teacher’s pick
Excelente a clase de hoxe! Paula is a very encouraging teacher and a thoughtful conversationalist.
Oct 27, 2023
Student Maria
23 Galician lessons
Paula is a consistently excellent teacher and I am so grateful to have found her on this platform. You can see from her materials that Paula gives great thought to her lessons and takes the time to think about the individual needs of her learners. She is a first class teacher repeatedly delivering first class lessons. Moitas grazas Paula!
Jul 3, 2024
Student Jaslynn Sendon
Jaslynn Sendon
2 Galician lessons
I had a great experience in my first class! I appreciated learning a few new words right away that I can start practicing. The instructor took the time to go over my goals with me, which made me feel confident about the direction of the course. We also received a comprehensive overview of what to expect, which was really helpful. I'm looking forward to continuing and learning more!
Jun 18, 2024
Student Susan Funk
Susan Funk
7 Galician lessons
I love class with Paula! She is very great at tailoring to what you need!
Jun 13, 2024
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