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Mohammad Kalim Karimi

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Experienced teacher with more than 5 years experience in teaching.
From AfghanistanLiving in Kabul, Afghanistan (03:30 UTC+04:30)
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italki teacher since Jan 20, 2024
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This is Mohammad Kalim Karimi, I am from Kabul, Afghanistan. I love teaching. Teaching is a part of my life that I cannot live without it. I have an extra ordinary passion for teaching. I was graduated from Kabul University from computer science Faculty. Wish me all the best!!

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19 Reviews

Student omar
4 Dari lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kalim is a great teacher, I highly recommend him to all students - both beginner and advanced Farsi/Dari learners. His English is also great, which makes learning easy and enjoyable. He comes to each lesson prepared and eager to teach. Given that he knows both Farsi and Dari, his vocabulary and knowledge is vast. Kalim tailors each lesson to meet my needs. We cover speaking, listening and reading. He has also taken the time to prepare the material/lesson ahead of the time and checks in to see how I am doing with my learning. Overall I recommend him to any and all students! You won’t regret it :)
Feb 23, 2024
Student Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez
5 Dari lessons
Teacher’s pick
I want to thank teacher Kalim for her excellent class, thank you for your patience in explaining the concepts to me very well, thank you because you can see your preparation and your pleasure in teaching, Thank you because it helps me a lot to understand the Dari Language and want to continue learning more.
Feb 16, 2024
Student Matthew Mutnick
Matthew Mutnick
34 Dari lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kailim is a wonderful and very enthusiastic teacher! He is very eager for you to succeed in learning Dari! His learning material is very simple and informative. If you want to have a lot of positive reinforcement when learning a tough language like Dari; Kalim Karimi is the tutor for you!
Feb 15, 2024
Student Pure T
Pure T
1 Dari lesson
Passionate teacher who enunciates clearly and explains use cases between phrases (dialects, formal vs casual, etc). Had a very informative lesson and will be my first choice for all my future Dari learning
May 29, 2024
Student Matthew Mutnick
Matthew Mutnick
34 Dari lessons
Karim puts a lot effort in his lesson plans. He encourages his students not just to memorize words but to understand the very concept of the words based on pronunciations.
Apr 28, 2024
Student Brian
3 Dari lessons
Kalim is a wonderful person. He is a true teacher, taking pleasure in seeing his students learn something. He created some materials that we used for the lesson and we also talked about our lives. He is very patient and affirming. If you want to learn Literary Persian or Persian from Afghanistan I highly recommend him as a teacher.
Apr 24, 2024
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