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Certified Tutor English/Pashto/Hindi | 5 Years Experience | Personalize Language Coaching! 💡
From PakistanLiving in Peshawar, Pakistan (11:22 UTC+08:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 4, 2024
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🏆 Certified English/Pashto Teacher & Language Expert. 🏆 5+ years of experience teaching English & Pashto online. 🏆 Several classes for students from different backgrounds. 🏆 Specialized in teaching adults/teens/kids English & Pashto. 🏆 Customized classes for all English & Pashto levels. 🏆 Expert in teaching vocabulary & unique pronunciation. 🏆 Focused on grammar, reading, writing, & conversation skills. 🏆 Experienced in teaching English & Pashto for various purposes (travel, business, academics)

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Learn Pashto (Basic Level): Connect with Friends, Family, and Culture!
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Pashto Conversations Unlocked: Connect with Culture & Community!
B1 -  C1

Conversation Practice

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Learn Pashto (Advance leve): Take Your Skills to the Next Level with a Native Speaker


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61 Reviews

Student Gabriel Pintilie
Gabriel Pintilie
17 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I am so happy that I chose you for my new English learning journey. The most interesting thing that I found in your class is what makes you a unique and creative teacher for me. You have a unique accent and a clear and easy methodology, which works well for me. And especially, your teaching style and background are inspiring. Your most energetic voice while teaching is also motivating. And thank you for your motivations, which give me new energy during the class. I am now more driven to achieve my goal of speaking English fluently with you and will fulfill my dream of speaking like you. Thanks again, and I highly recommend this tutor to other students.
Apr 29, 2024
Student Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez
31 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have completed my beginner Pashto language course with Muhammad Rashid. I have learned so many things from the course. I am still looking forward to having more and more sessions with him to learn faster. I have come to write the final review after the completion of my specific course. His teaching method is very simple and easy to understand for every level of learners. He never brings irrelevant things to the class; he always brings what I really need to learn for my learning goals and mostly provides customized and eye-catching lessons in different forms. The most important reason why I highly recommend him to people from different countries is Rashid's unique, creative, and smart way of speaking English for global students. Don't hesitate to book further lessons with him
Apr 21, 2024
Student Paweł Drabczyk
Paweł Drabczyk
9 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have just had a wonderful lesson with Muhammad! This tutor helped me identify my weak points: fluency, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Muhammad pays a lot of attention to speaking. The conversation is very nice and pleasant. It is also an opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures. The pronunciation practice is modular and methodic. The tutor focuses only on one thing to improve at the time. In my last lessons, we focused on just one vowel, and I improved greatly after just one hour. The vocabulary practice was very condensed. We learned just a few collocations but spent additional time on practice and examples. I enjoyed the lessons with Muhammad, he is doing a great job with a smile on his face :) I've already booked more lessons and I sincerely recommend this tutor to everyone!
Mar 11, 2024
Student Iryna
15 English lessons
The lesson was great as usual!
Jul 20, 2024
Student Felix
4 English lessons
Very useful and interesting class which gives me confidence to improve my english.
Jul 5, 2024
Student Sana
5 Pashto lessons
A very good and attentive teacher that adapts to the needs of the student. I've had several Pashto teachers before and he is by far the best one. He understands how to explain the language to someone who is a complete beginner and makes the class dynamic and fun. Highly recommended!
Jul 4, 2024
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