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2022年にアメリカのUCI大学に1年間留学し英語を勉強していました。 2024年の秋にはアメリカに移住する予定です。 趣味は海外旅行、動物、映画鑑賞で、今までタイ、フィリピン、アメリカ、オーストラリア、台湾に行ったことがあります! 今はトイプードルを一匹飼っています。好きな映画は、Avengers、twilightで、好きなドラマは、The white LotusとThe boys、Gossip girl、Sex and the cityです。 In 20221 I went to University of California, Irvine to study English for 1 year. And I'm going to move to California in September. My hobbies are overseas trip and watching movie. I've been to Thailand🇹🇭, Philippines🇵🇭, America🇺🇸, Australia🇦🇺, and Taiwan🇹🇼. My favorite movies and TV Shows are Avengers、twilight, The white Lotus, The boys, Gossip girl, and Sex and the city. I also like animals and I have a toy poodle🐶.

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22 Reviews

Student Josh
1 Japanese lesson
Speaking with Mizuki-san was a great experience. She was very friendly and gave structure to our conversation when I'd get stuck trying to formulate ideas. I'd recommend others to schedule lessons with her if they are also interested in natural Japanese speaking and language learning!
Jun 15, 2024
Student Elliot
6 Japanese lessons
As always, another great conversation lesson! This was maybe my 7th lesson with Watanabe-sensei, and the quality of the sessions have stayed consistent throughout. I get to have really interesting and fun conversations whilst learning new words and better ways to say things. I feel my speaking/ listening ability is really improving! One thing I appreciate in particular is when Watanabe-sensei uses a Japanese word that I don’t know, she’ll try to explain it in Japanese, rather than directly translate it into English (which would probably be easier for her). It gives me a chance to try and understand it without using English, which feels great. Looking forward to the next lesson!
Jun 14, 2024
Student Samir
1 Japanese lesson
みずきさん is super friendly! When it went a little too fast she adapted quickly to a conversation that was more my pace. She used the whiteboard feature (I didn't even know that was a thing) to explain things better and talked about random things! ありがとうございました!
Jun 14, 2024
Student ジェーデン
1 Japanese lesson
Mizuki was so easy to talk to! We had a great conversation! She's been to so many different places that we were able to discuss, including places we might visit in the future! She's also quite knowledgeable about anime, and I can't believe she has Isayama's autograph!😂色々教えてくれてありがとうございました!また話したいです!
Jun 11, 2024
Student Kurtis
3 Japanese lessons
Another super fun lesson time flies by too fast when speaking to Mizuki-san, it doesn't actually feel like I'm in a lessons and I'm just speaking to a friend 😆. I feel like i always learn so much each time I have a lesson. ありがとうございました😊
Jun 10, 2024
Student Manar
1 Japanese lesson
I had a very good time during my first session with Mizuki-sensei! She's super friendly and encouraging, and she really got me into practicing my Japanese by asking great questions. I totally recommend her if you're looking for a supportive tutor to chat with. Already booking my next session!
Jun 10, 2024
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