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Shams Shinwari

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Certified Pashto Teacher with 3 years of experience.
From AfghanistanLiving in Jalalabad, Afghanistan (10:11 UTC+04:30)
About Me
italki teacher since May 30, 2024
Interest topicEnvironment & NatureTravelFashion & BeautyArtHistory
My name is Shams Noorzai, and I am a dedicated professional from Afghanistan with a degree in Computer Science. With two years of experience in teaching Pashto, I have honed my skills in language instruction and cultural exchange. Currently, I am passionately sharing my knowledge and expertise in Pashto on, where I strive to create engaging and effective learning experiences for my students. I am committed to helping individuals around the world learn and appreciate the beauty of the Pashto language and culture. Join me on this exciting language learning journey, and let's explore the richness of Pashto together!

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Pashto Language Basics: Foundations for Effective Communication
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