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Hi! I'm Flemming and I'm from Iceland. I'm a language lover and a freelance musician/music teacher. I'm currently living in Denmark where I'm studying classical accordion.

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The nerdy talk - Icelandic grammar
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7 Reviews

Student DhrT.kruse
4 Icelandic lessons
Flemming is a good guy, great vibes. I personally don't like "get taught" grammar by him but we just talk about stuff and whenever I make a (big) mistake, he writes it down. Likewise, when I'm trying to find the right words, he helps me. He lets you struggle but not so long that it becomes awkward. He has struck a great balance in this. He is also not judgemental. Today I talked about my research field but it was above my level and I probably lost my point halfway because of that. He must've thought "What is this dude yapping about" but that didn't show at all and he was helpful in this regard. I'm eager to get to the point where my vocabulary is big enough to get into more juicy discussions than the basic ones I feel confident in talking about right now.
May 10, 2024
Student Deividas Karpauskas
Deividas Karpauskas
4 Icelandic lessons
Best teacher I have had on Italki hands down, actually differentiating words instead of just teaching greeting phrases, and explaining grammar thoroughly.
May 9, 2024
Student DhrT.kruse
4 Icelandic lessons
Flemming is a good, casual teacher. I have not learned much grammar from him since I prefer to go into the books myself for that, but he is very good at correcting grammar and explaining, if applicable, in what situations your "wrong" phrase could've been used or what it would've been understood as if wrong. This lesson was almost exclusively in Icelandic which felt like a massive win. This is what I always strive for as the first major milestone in language learning and I think it is amazing at how quickly Flemming managed to set up a comfortable environment for that. Naturally, I didn't understand everything but from context I could make out the major points of what Flemming was saying and - I think - he was speaking at a relatively normal pace. Even then, I was still able to make out the majority of details too so either way, a huge win. Would warmly recommend!
May 3, 2024
Student Deividas Karpauskas
Deividas Karpauskas
4 Icelandic lessons
Previous lesson was very helpful, teacher is most patient.
May 2, 2024
Student DhrT.kruse
4 Icelandic lessons
Flemming is definitely an interesting teacher. The lessons are casual and the language definitely reflects this too. He also seems to have a preference for how people actually speak versus how books teach us to speak, which I think is useful. He is forthcoming and eager to offer recommendations and tell you where you are at and what you need to do to become better. I did notice there is a lot of English in the lessons (currently I'd estimate a 70% English, 30% Icelandic split) which is somewhat understandable given that my level is not so high yet as to comfortably be able to hold Icelandic-only lessons. Flemming however has offered to try this multiple times already so I can only assume this'll come when it's time in the future. Recommend!
Apr 26, 2024
Student Kristian Danson
Kristian Danson
3 Icelandic lessons
A really great and fun guy, giving off amazing energy. The lesson felt much more like a hangout session between friends than a class at school. Loved it!
Apr 25, 2024
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