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Hi Shalom! My name is Shai Grinberg, 32 years old, and Hebrew is my native native language. I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel, and now I live in Sao Paulo. I'm a graphic design student, studying Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language, which I find fascinating, and in my free time, I like to listen to music, work out in the gym, travel, and cook. I strive to maintain positive energy in my life and believe that everything happens for the better and that life leads you where it should. I enjoy keeping a smile on my face, being patient, and treating those around me with kindness.

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Hebrew for Beginners-עברית למתחילים
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Hebrew for Intermediate to Advanced Learners-עברית לרמה בינונית-מתקדמת
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שיפור כישורי שיחה בעברית
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6 Reviews

Student JUN4857
1 Hebrew lesson
Shai is a cool and nice israeli guy,friendly and polite。 although we had some connection pro on our first lesson but he still stay with patience and speaks with perfect pace,the materials he showed me looks nice and clear ofcourse his english was easy to understand during explaining。Hebrew is a mysterious language to me and i will take few lessons with him to learn from the alphabet and daily phrases then see how far i can go:)
Jul 19, 2024
Student Pablo S. Costa
Pablo S. Costa
2 Hebrew lessons
Shai is a very patient, engaging and motivated teacher. Definitely recommend taking a class with him!
Jul 12, 2024
Student Lisa
1 Hebrew lesson
Shai is a super friendly and creative teacher. He is easy to understand and has lots of patience for you to talk. The class is fun and tailored to your needs.
Jul 10, 2024
Student noel
1 Hebrew lesson
Great lesson with nice and helpful material! Toda!
Jul 10, 2024
Student Wolney Kiyomoto
Wolney Kiyomoto
1 Hebrew lesson
I had an excellent experience in my first Hebrew class with Shai. He´s extremely patient and attentive, making the learning process much easier and more enjoyable. The teaching materials are easy to understand, and I managed to learn some words in the very first class. Initially, my goal was to learn the basics for my trip to Israel, but now I am motivated to continue learning more. Hebrew is a fascinating language, rich in history, and I´m eager to learn more about the country and its culture. I highly recommend his classes!
Jul 9, 2024
Student Anisa Ray
Anisa Ray
3 Hebrew lessons
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Shai! He's kind, patient, and speaks at a perfect pace - natural but still clear and easy to understand. Since he's currently learning Portugese in Brazil, he can relate to the challenge of learning a new language, and his recommendations come from his own experience. I look forward to working with him more!
Jul 8, 2024
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