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➡️ You want to communicate with your Brazilian family and friends easily? ➡️ You've been studying Portuguese for years but still struggle to understand natives and/or natives struggle to understand you? ➡️ You want to take an exam - CELPE BRAS/FSI? ➡️ You've never learned a language before so you don't know the right strategies to use? ➡️ You'd like to meet other students your level at events such as MOVIE CLUB. ➡️ You'd like to be coached by a teacher who have taught successfully over 15.000 hours of Portuguese Online and in the class room? 🐈 If you've said yes to any of those questions, book a lesson.

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A) DEEP Portuguese Conversation 🗣️ + READING 📰 + LISTENING 👂 + WRITING ✍️ + PRONUNCIATION 🎤 + google slides + written/recorded feedback + recording of lessons (if the student wants it)
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B) RESOLUTION 2024: I’ll speak Portuguese confidently and fluently! (10 weeks challenge!) - for all levels!
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C) INDIVIDUALIZED Portuguese lessons - Google Slides + HIGHLY STRUCTURE for quick results! Also: CELPE-BRAS, FSI - Diplomats)
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Conversation Practice

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BOOK CLUB: Tudo é Rio, Carla Madeira (for advanced students) starting June 3rd at 9 pm NY time
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🇧🇷 🔥 ✅ [Starting on April 27th] Short Story Club - expand your vocabulary!
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Conversation Practice

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Get my new BOOK on AMAZON (link in the description) and have a discounted class - MAY ONLY
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2,469 Reviews

Student Leszek
82 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've been learning Portuguese with Camila for over a year now and I must say that she is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's always prepared, full of positive energy and ideas to make learning process pleasure and fun. I'm also very pleased with the materials that I can always refer to either during or between our lessons which help me to structurize my knowledge better. I also believe that the idea of Movie Club is a mastepiece helping her students to communicate better, learning how to express themselves and break the language barrier. Camila, obrigada pra todas as liçoes nós tivemos até agora e pela pacientia que Você tem pra mim.
Sep 23, 2020
Student Gerry Weitz
Gerry Weitz
406 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Seeing Camila, in itself, is a joy. She has been great company for the past 3 years. Today, we discussed a few key topics: We talked about how Covid-19 in now impacted people all across Brazil and how everyone knows someone with Covid. The only question is how close your contact was and if you are the next person to get it. I also shared a local San Diego news story about a famous religious figure in my community who has now become infamous, as he was pleaded guilty to charges of embezzling funds that were supposed to be for the community, but instead pocketed in an elaborate tax evasion scheme. The third topic was an on-going discussion about the ethical questions posed by the film, "Bacarau." It is a fascinating film that has kept all of us thinking ALOT! Camila, you did a great service to anyone interested in Brazil by showcasing this film. I love everything about you and your teaching style as well. And I know many of your students feel exactly the same way.
Jul 15, 2020
Student Vanessa
224 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Um dia, alguém falou para mim que utilizo excessivamente o verbo ''amar'' quando falo em Português, que não se utiliza essa palavra com a mesma frequência que em Inglês. Inconscientemente eu sabia disso, porém tive que continuar fazendo-o. Porque há tantas coisas inimagináveis que o Português trouxe a minha vida. Porque tudo o que eu sinto é mais profundo quando sinto em Português. Como agora, por exemplo, dizer que AMEI a nossa aula é simplesmente ser justa com o meu sentir. Assunto fascinante, daqueles que me deixam pensando por um tempão. Você sempre me faz sentir tão à vontade para falar de tudo, perguntar, aprender e rir. Obrigada do fundo do meu coração!
Dec 20, 2019
Student Catherine Wertz
Catherine Wertz
2 English lessons
great experience!
Apr 24, 2024
Student Natalie
87 Portuguese lessons
A fun and engaging class with Camila after a short study break. I have some homework exercises to do before our next class which I'm really looking forward to!
Mar 8, 2024
Student Sean
16 Portuguese lessons
Always excellent! Camilla does everything she can to make you fluent as soon as possible. I highly recommend her!
Dec 11, 2023
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