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🎯≈90% of my package students increase their IELTS speaking score.
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italki teacher since Jun 15, 2015
⭐IELTS SPEAKING COACH⭐ My name is Keiran Watters. I specialize in helping student increase their IELTS speaking score rapidly! See my student's results here 🎯https://bit.ly/2yZ5vqO🎯 1.≈90% of my package students increase their IELTS speaking score! 🎯 2. All resources are provided so you don't waste your valuable time watching/reading IELTS guides. 3. Detailed instructions & concise feedback are given to speed up your learning curve. 4. Regular practice during our sessions & homework lead to progress -Jaelyn 6.0 ➡️ 6.5 🎯(11 sessions) -Joan 6.0 ➡️ 6.5 🎯(7 sessions) -Erik 6.5 ➡️ 7.5🎯 (11 sessions) -Walker 4.5 ➡️ 6.5 🎯 (45 sessions) -Isabelle 8.0 ➡️ 8.5 🎯 (10 sessions)

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840 Reviews

Student Wenqian Tang|Lesley
Wenqian Tang|Lesley
9 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Keiran is an excellent teacher who’s professional and patient. Although I’ve been an English teacher a few years, I wasn’t confident enough in my speaking and I had little knowledge of IELTS test-taking skills. I scored a 7 in speaking several years ago. Keiran gave me basic structures for all three parts of the test, reviewed my homework before each lesson, and kindly encouraged me in every lesson. I achieved an 8.5 in speaking after just 6 sessions. Keiran老师有很多中国学生,我也用中文留言吧:Keiran是一位很专业的好老师。虽然我自己也是英语老师,但我之前不了解雅思考试技巧,也对自己的口语不自信,我几年前考的是口语7。但Keiran教了我每个part的答题结构,每堂课都会反馈作业,还鼓励我,6节课之后我就考到了口语8.5。Keiran超棒,如果你也很迷茫或者没那么自信,一定要和Keiran上一次课感受下哟~
May 19, 2023
Student Cecilia (Xinyi)
Cecilia (Xinyi)
22 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have tried a lot of IELTS teachers on italki, I can't say that other teachers didn't help me, but it was Keiran who helped me the most. Most teachers don't assign homework, while Keiran not only assigns homework, he even listens to recordings and makes very detailed annotations before the next class. This pushes me to spend more time preparing for ielts speaking after class. Moreover, the structures and expressions given by Keiran are extremely useful !! I used to struggle with Part 2 until I study with him. Before that, I always felt that I have nothing to say, and I didn't know how to connect different bullet points as well. Now, Part 2 has become much easier for me. Keiran is very patient, friendly and humorous. I highly recommend him to everyone who is preparing for the IELTS speaking. It is lucky to meet such a responsible teacher outside of school. 我尝试了很多雅思口语老师,Keiran的课对我来说是最有效的。他不仅布置作业,还会在下一节课前听作业录音,进行非常细致的批注;给的结构和表达也非常有用,尤其是part2。老师很耐心友好,真诚地向准备雅思考试的朋友推荐他,在学校之外很难遇到这么负责的老师。
Jan 13, 2023
Student Markus Strauch
Markus Strauch
16 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Excellent classes for preparing for the SPEAKING Part of the IELTS exam! Especially his speaking templates at the beginning helped me a lot to improve and gain the confidence to speak more fluently and on my desired level. Before I started the classes with him, I scored around 5.5 / 6 (not to mention my IELTS test 2yrs ago 4.5 in Speaking), now I'm happy that I achieved a level between 7+ to 7.5. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to tackle seriously the IELTS exam or improve the English skills to the next level.
Dec 15, 2020
Student Mercy
1 English lesson
Keiran gave me lots of good suggestions, and we had a mock exam in the first lesson. He is a professional teacher. Thanks for helping me.
Apr 4, 2024
Student Xinran
1 English lesson
Very professional and effective course with patient explanation! highly recommend!
Feb 28, 2024
Student Irene
6 English lessons
Wonderful class with experienced teacher! Expecting next class^^
Feb 21, 2024
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