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italki teacher since Feb 9, 2021
Soy colombiano y actualmente vivo en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia. He sido profesor de español e inglés por más de 6 años. Disfruto caminar, escuchar música, compartir tiempo con mis seres queridos y, sobretodo, me encanta perderme en las páginas de un buen libro. Me fascina poder aprender de otras culturas al mismo tiempo que puedo compartir de mi propia cultura con los demás.

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128 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I originally started studying with Heider just over 2 years ago after not studying Spanish for a long period. I really struggled at the start with both comprehension and being able to express myself - I couldn't string together a very basic sentence! Thankfully, Heider has a ton of patience, made each class both tailored to my needs and really enjoyable. I managed to not only get back to my previous level of Spanish (which was probably around A2) but clearly surpass it by a lot! I recently took the SIELE exam where I managed to achieve C1, I've always enjoyed my classes with Heider and I can recommend him to anyone looking to study Spanish.
May 7, 2023
Brianna B
31 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
One thing about Heider is that he is going to make sure you learn that new vocabulary! I really like that the lessons are stacked, meaning, the vocabulary you learned 2-3 classes ago WILL come up again and he WILL quiz you in them. Heider also corrects every little mistake that you make. Even the smallest of mistakes like misuse of articles or plurals. I’ve taken classes with 6 other teachers on Italki and so far, Heider the best! The materials are high quality and include, but are not limited to, fill-in-the-blank exercises, videos for listening comprehension, slides for oral expression. If my full-time tutor ever quits, I know who will be their replacement. 😉
Mar 27, 2022
Selim Ariturk
76 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Heider es un profesor excelente. El me escuchó con atención y paciencia, así que nunca me sentí avergonzado de mis faltas. El tiene excelentes planes de lecciones que me ayudaron mucho a recordar las reglas gramáticas, y el introduje videos, artículos, y ejercicios divertidos para ayudarme a practicar. Agradecía especialmente que Heider también habla francés, porque me ayudó a ver los elementos en común y las diferencias entre los idiomas. Gracias Heider! Heider est un professeur excellent. Il m’a toujours écouté attentivement et avec patience. Il m'a aidé a améliorer mon Espagnol sans jamais me sentir gêné de mes erreurs. Il a des excellents plans pour les courses qui m’a tellement aidé a souvenir les règles de grammaire, et il a trouvé des vidéos, articles, et exercises amusants pour m’aider a m’entraîner. J’ai particulièrement apprecié qu’Heider peut parler français, parce qu’il m’a très bien montré les similitudes et les différences entre les langues. Merci Heider!
Apr 25, 2021
38 Spanish lessons
Best teacher on italki. do yourself a favor, try and see
Oct 5, 2023
masha patupchyk
44 Spanish lessons
Como siempre otra clase maravillosa. El mejor maestro!
Sep 29, 2023
1 Spanish lesson
My first lesson with Heider was great. He was quickly able to get a handle on my level of Spanish and provide clear explanations of where I was making mistakes, along with giving recommendations on what areas I should focus my learning on. All corrections and notes were emailed to me afterwards which was helpful.
Sep 28, 2023
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