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Hi! Isn’t it a nice day? I assume we don’t know each other yet so let’s get acquainted. Let me introduce myself- permit me - Mr. Eugene Uvarov. A patient and passionate Russian language teacher, language learner and family man. Fond of foreign languages, I am here to teach you mine. Apart from languages, I am pretty good at chess, film editing and able to solve Rubik’s Cube sub 30 sec. I am also a poet and when it comes to poetry I express my thoughts in rhymed lines. Should you have any questions, please message me! Peace out!

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Conversational Russian | Разговорный русский
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Russian for Beginners (A1 - B1) First steps in a long-lasting journey
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Russian: from Upper - intermediate (B1) to Advanced (C1). Your journey continues...
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TORFL Training
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Test Preparation

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Russian for Beginners (My OLD (>1 YEAR) students ONLY)
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8$ per Professional Lesson For a Year | Special Offer (for Highly Motivated Only)
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101 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been having lessons with Евгений for over a year now. Not only has my Russian improved immeasurably, but the lessons are as interesting, challenging, and fun now as they were at the beginning. Евгений puts a lot of time into the lesson prep and correcting homework which is very much appreciated.
Jan 6, 2022
Justin Howard
35 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I've worked with dozens of tutors. Евгений is the best. He produces a transcript during the lesson. Between classes he has been making a personalized text book for me.
Aug 17, 2017
72 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was another, well-prepared lesson, filled with varied, challenging and tailor-made activities. It was very challenging, but entertaining and very useful. I think I learned a lot. Thanks again, Jenya, I really appreciate your efforts ;-)
Jan 2, 2017
Alessandra Borgia
15 Russian lessons
Evgenij is not only a very serious and patient teacher, but also a very good person. Thanks to him I've greatly improved my Russian, both spoken and written.
Oct 11, 2022
1 Russian lesson
It's a pleasure to talk with you. I have a nice personality. I like how you wrote the conversation and words down. It is helpful if I want to review the words with the context. The exercise for cases is for sure hard for me at this point. But I like to train my brain with a variety of exercises
Aug 23, 2022
Neeka Allsup
23 Russian lessons
I keep coming back to Евгений because he keeps me on track and he knows best what I don't know, what I struggle with, and he is helpful and non-condemning. He makes me feel comfortable and understood but holds me accountable for my own progress.
Jul 28, 2022
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