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American Sign Language (ASL)
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CODA with 15 years of tutoring experience!
From United StatesLiving in Philadelphia, United States (02:25 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 29, 2015
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Hello! My name is Kimmi and I enjoy studying and teaching language. I love to study and languages is my topic of choice. You can always find me with a book in hand or my nose to my phone reading the latest linguistic news out there. I am fluent in English and American Sign Language. I am a CODA [child of a Deaf adult], so I grew up using ASL in my day to day conversations. While languages can be challenging, I think that exercising your mind is one of the best ways to better yourself and the world around you. The better you learn to communicate, the more people you can meet. Language enriches our lives in many ways and branching out our social circles is just one gift that language gives us.

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570 Reviews

Student Amy Burghall
Amy Burghall
4 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy Kimmi's classes! I work as a British Sign Language Interpreter and I wanted to learn ASL as I often meet deaf people who have not learnt British Sign Language yet know ASL. Kimmi has been able to easily adapt to me and is able to match my needs. I love her flow and style! She has lessons planned and provides knowledge of the structure/ grammar of ASL, which helps me to grasp the language more easily. I can't wait to continue my ASL journey with her! Highly recommend!
Apr 27, 2022
Student Jo Meleca-Voigt
Jo Meleca-Voigt
2 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Teacher’s pick
As a licensed language teacher I can confidently say that Kimmi has all the characteristics of the quality instructor I was looking for!
Mar 2, 2020
Student Sonja Kueppers
Sonja Kueppers
1 American Sign Language (ASL) lesson
Teacher’s pick
Kimmi did an amazing job explaining elements of the linguistics of ASL to my Introduction to Linguistics class. None of us wanted the lesson to end! Highly recommended!
Jan 21, 2020
Student Devin
1 American Sign Language (ASL) lesson
My trial lesson went great. Kimmi was knowledgeable, friendly, and fun! 👍
Apr 19, 2024
Student SmithLesley
4 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Nothing to say, completely happy with Kimmi!
Apr 5, 2024
Student SmithLesley
4 American Sign Language (ASL) lessons
Love her already!
Mar 31, 2024
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