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Russian from scratch | Structure, materials, and homework (Hope to see you in spite of everything)
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➡️ Fundamental course || Quick course || Freestyle lessons ➡️ A new PDF for each lesson ➡️ Always with homework ➡️ Teaching in ENGLISH and ESPAÑOL Hi! You probably already know your goals in Russian. If so, then just tell me about them :) If you are not sure yet, you can read about the possible types of lessons below, or simply write me.

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483 Reviews

Student Bradley
142 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have now had 100 lessons with Andrei, totalling just under a year and half of learning. Andrei is an outstanding teacher, his lessons are both engaging and challenging which has massively aided my learning. The structure of the course is excellent, covering important topics and aspects of the Russian language. Innovative teaching styles such as watching cartoons in Russian together is a really cool way to introduce new words and revise words previously learnt. The homework tasks are continuations of what is covered in the lessons which further help learning, furthermore Andrei cares whether you have done the homework. His marking and feedback is completed timely. Prior to starting with Andrei I was using Duolingo, thinking that I was learning the language well. I am glad I started lessons with Andrei as I am lightyears ahead of where I would have been if I continued with Duolingo.
Jul 15, 2021
Student Nora Taylor
Nora Taylor
101 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
The lessons are sometimes difficult, but if they were easy I wouldn’t be learning much. I think I have learned more in 10 months of weekly lessons than I did in three years of taking Russian every day in high school.
Oct 2, 2018
Student Lloyd
168 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Andrei is an excellent teacher. Why ? His teaching material is detailed yet practical; his focus in lessons; his consistency. And importantly, I can see and hear that I am making progress. His classes are a real work-out like the gym !
Jun 4, 2016
Student Alex K
Alex K
85 Russian lessons
I've had more classes with Andrei now, so I'll update my review so people can see that Andrei is good enough to retain students. Andrei's materials are top-notch. Examples are clear but challenge you to think. The homework has been flexibly tailored to my needs and schedule, and Andrei knows how to drill the material in a way that teaches you about various exceptions and unique constructions. With Andrei you don't just learn the rule, you learn the conditional applications. As others have said his classes are a workout. I'm a nervous guy and get flustered easily worrying about mistakes, but Andrei is always patient and constructive when ridiculous panic driven errors and stutters come flying out of my mouth. His English is great, and he is able to extremely effectively communicate the nuance of various constructions. I'm someone who needs to understand the logic behind grammar to remember it, so this is great. Seriously, just book a lesson. I promise you you'll learn a ton.
Sep 6, 2023
Student Alex K
Alex K
85 Russian lessons
I've only had four classes so far, but I can already tell that Andrei is an extremely effective teacher. - He understands how to teach the material. - He is always prepared with high quality exercises and homework which actively teach you as they drill you. -He knows how to nudge me out of my comfort zone just far enough so I can grow in my Russian without getting lost and confused. If you want to improve your understanding of some aspect of Russian (or Russian in general), I highly recommend booking lessons with Andrei.
Jul 23, 2023
Student Štefan Trusina
Štefan Trusina
4 Russian lessons
Very good lesson, I am looking forward to the next one.
May 8, 2023
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