Dr. Türünz

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Enthusiastic Turkish teacher who has returned to teaching after a short break
From TurkeyLiving in Belgrade, Serbia (01:49 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Dec 16, 2015
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Merhaba! Hello! I have developed my own visual method for learning Turkish quickly. We will have personalized, structured & fun lessons! I check HW in between lessons. I hold a degree in English (lit+teaching) and a PhD in Sociology. My mother tongue is Turkish, and I am from Istanbul.

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Turkish Made Easy - Pro (all levels)
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Reading Turkish Literature
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257 Reviews

Andrei Ismail
47 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ali is a charming teacher. When I came into his lesson, I was pretty stressed about not being able to progress on my own. I was definitely too hard on myself. His first order of business was to relax me. Then he went on a methodic crusade to teach me the basic concepts. He quickly adapted to my style when I requested that each lesson that we do, I expand the number of sentences that I am able to form (as opposed to a more classical, grammar-based approach). Then, he was really really patient with my hectic schedule. I am not easy to deal with! I kept on cancelling lessons and rescheduling them, without being able to make a routine around this. Not to say that I didn't have much time for homework. By being patient and methodic, he was able to obtain very good results with me. In just 47 lessons! I'm quite proud of what we managed to achieve so far. I enjoy Ali's humour and the personal touch he gives to lessons. He is very punctual and smart. Thank you!
Jan 28, 2018
79 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ali is an excellent teacher - always focused on where I am in learning and bringing a wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to life.
Jan 18, 2018
Eoin Mulcahy
64 Turkish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another excellent lesson, tekrar çok teşekkürler Ali! For me the most important thing to speaking a foreign language is to feel in a relaxed atmosphere. Even when I'm tired after a long day, it's always a pleasure to speak with Ali. He can make mundane grammar points relevant and can switch seamlessy between grammar and whatever comes to mind,be it a funny song or a story, and back again. I've found him to be a real treasure trove in terms of insight into the Turkish mindset and culture. Dersinin ücretleri iki kat fazla değil üç kat fazla olsa bile gerçek değer olur!
Nov 28, 2017
2 Turkish lessons
Ali was very well prepared for the lesson. He gauged my ability and worked on that. I told him what I wanted to achieve and he obliged without hesitation. A very nice guy.
Feb 16, 2019
Jonathan Jackson
53 Turkish lessons
I did some aorist revision today and if clauses, I still feel like I struggled a little bit with it, so i am going to do more practice with my basics to make sure I have a good understanding.
Dec 4, 2018
Jonathan Jackson
53 Turkish lessons
We did some if clauses practice today and I think i might have to review my aorist tense a little more cause I felt I had a little difficulty in remembering them.
Dec 1, 2018
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