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► About me. ¡Hola! I was born in Madrid (Spain), so my accent is "castilian". I am a certified Spanish teacher. I know what problems you may encounter through your studying process and I will help you overcome them. Learning a new language is an exciting journey, not only because we are learning how native speakers talk, in addition we are learning their culture, what in some way it transforms and enriches us. I experimented it while I was studying English and Portugues and currently studying French. I am working exclusively as online Spanish teacher, so I am full time available to follow your learning process.

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#5 Simple Steps to start speaking Spanish language
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Structured Learning. Improve your communication skills through a structured environment. All levels. DELE / SIELE exams
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Patricia Driscoll
91 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Hoy tuve otra clase fantástica con Antonio. Como siempre, la clase fue divertida y educativa. La conversación y los ejercicios son siempre interesantes. ¡Es una gran clase cuando puedes aprender y reír al mismo tiempo! ¡Hasta pronto y gracias Antonio!
Aug 13, 2019
Louis Lozeau
18 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Antonio is an incredible person and teacher. Every class is well organized, interesting, and very helpful. Antonio's manner in providing corrections during conversations is very helpful because he does it in a way that allows you to determine the error rather than just ignoring the error or telling you the correct structure right away. They are great teaching moments and help you avoid making the errors in the future. Antonio, como siempre disfruté nuestra clase y aprecio toda tu ayuda. ¡Me alegro de que hayas tenido unas vacaciones maravillosas! Voy a recordar decirle a mi mujer "no faltaba más!" ¡Que tengas una buena semana! Nos vemos pronto.
Jul 1, 2019
Rayner Seavey
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my second lesson with Antonio. The lesson was well prepared and well structured. I feel as though my knowledge of the past tense has improved significantly but I know that I still have a long way to go. Thanks for the great lesson!
Jun 6, 2019
Liz Morris
8 Spanish lessons
I do utterly hate grammar and wish I could ignore it completely and forever but I do find that the more I understand it the less I loathe it. I think I'm becoming quite fond of the Subjunctive!!! At least I'm beginning to understand when to use it ----------- conjugating it is fairly easy (if I'd sit down and learn how to) but it's trying to understand when something is a doubt or an expression of a wish for a Spanish person and Antonio clarifies all my questions and I write the answers and go over them later.
Dec 5, 2022
Liz Morris
8 Spanish lessons
An excellent if brain-draining lesson on the evil Subjunctive. I did actually learn about the subjunctive before and from an excellent teacher but somehow it is clicking into place, or beginning to. I love the tables Antonio gives - I can see the changes that happen to the verbs and I've printed these and have then within easy reach.
Nov 18, 2022
Liz Morris
8 Spanish lessons
I didn't include 'fun' because I don't think that exhausting my brain trying to understand pronombres could ever be fun, but I do feel that I now understand them and that I'm actually able to do them. We did a lot of practice, and - best of all - the practice came during conversation so that I wasn't expecting them. I have always been able more or less to copy the pattern of which bit goes where se lo / abrela etc etc but when they land in the middle of a conversation they're much harder to do and I'm very glad that I now have a document with loads of examples. (I'm beginning to like GoogleDocs!)
Nov 15, 2022
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