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italki teacher since Feb 2, 2016
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BELIEVE! ACHIEVE! ENGLISH! Helping students see that learning English is truly rewarding and possible is what brings great satisfaction. I specialize in practical methodology, not theory. My joy is to see each student progress & accomplish their goals. TAKE ACTION! ★I have trained my professional students to confidently do business at Google, Facebook, Intel, United Nations & speak in front of 1000+ colleagues. ★With my thorough preparation, students have passed Test/Exam Prep courses and have secured admission to top universities of their choice. ★My experience has prepared and motivated students from highly diverse backgrounds & levels to successfully learn English.

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★★★★★INTENSIVE IMMERSION: 500% Fluency Commitment Success★★★★★
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1,851 Reviews

Student Sangmi Lee
Sangmi Lee
57 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I'm a GRE test taker. I started a class with Anthony from March to June. Back then I thought that I could prepare for GRE by myself, but it wasn't easy to an international student. I took his classes for a verbal section twice a week. Until I get used to his idiosyncratic directions, it took a month. He uses a reminding approach for memorizing about 40 pages of vocab lists and prefers to improvise a story. After two months, I started to learn how to write for analytic writing and 3 weeks before the test, I took the class everyday in order to reduce the gap between ups and downs of writings. I've learned English at a University language center and private academies, but there were limits that I couldn't control the speed of learning and getting a right feedback instantly. However, this virtual tutoring enabled me to change everything to fit me. Especially, I've never failed to get an answer whenever I asked a question. I think this is his best strong point.
Jun 3, 2021
Student Eduard Salas
Eduard Salas
108 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
El mejor profesor de inglés que puedes tener. No dude en buscarlo. Vale cada centavo invertido.
Apr 6, 2020
Student Andrey Sterlyagoff
Andrey Sterlyagoff
207 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Fluent language is a long run. While I was obtaining my PhD my scientific advisor told me that genius consists of only 1% of talent and 99% of sweat. I am sure this is true for all the things you dear to master. Support is vital along the way. Thank you Anthony for finding plenty ways to support and encourage me to stay on track of studying and providing with personal plans and tailored content. Even when I am tremendously tired mentally by the end of the day I feel myself harmonized and recharged after the lesson. I find my level increased at a great extent looking backward to compare it today and in the past. Looking forward to have new classes!
Jul 27, 2017
Student Royce Nam
Royce Nam
1 English lesson
After the teacher's class ended, I asked my son how it was, and he said the teacher's class was very enjoyable. He also mentioned that the teacher taught them not to use "and" exclusively when writing. It seems like it was a fun and informative class for my son. Thank you.
Nov 16, 2023
Student Su-min Lim
Su-min Lim
2 English lessons
I love his teaching style. I learned how to be gentle and respectful to my husband. Not only in English, but I also learned how I should treat my husband. Thanks for today's lesson. :)
Nov 6, 2023
Student Su-min Lim
Su-min Lim
2 English lessons
My first meeting with him was amazing. His class was really comfortable and friendly. I regret not starting his class earlier. My schedule doesn't quite align with his, but I still want to take his class. I'd love to meet him, even if it means getting up early! Thank you! :)
Nov 2, 2023
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