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Carolina C.

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Certified Spanish teacher and expert in DELE / SIELE / OPI / AP - I'm ready to help you at any level
From VenezuelaLiving in Maracaibo, Venezuela (09:40 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Mar 18, 2016
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I'm Caro :) and I'm Venezuelan. I have more than six years of Spanish teaching experince, in all this time, knowing new people is the most interesting thing in my job! I really like to share our culture, customs, thoughts and in that way help you express all your interests to native Spanish speakers. My goal is that you can improve your Spanish and to be able to comunicate in spanish. I'm learning a lenguage to and I know some times is very dificult to advance, but don't worry, I'm very patient and I love my job, trust me, with me you will improve your level of Spanish in the most dynamic and fun way possible, take a class with me and discover how great it is to learn a new language.

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1,011 Reviews

Student Spencer
19 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Carolina es una maestra de español excepcional que ha jugado un papel crucial en mi aprendizaje del idioma. Su enfoque pedagógico, centrado en la preparación para exámenes, ha sido de gran ayuda para mejorar mis habilidades lingüísticas. Desde el principio, Carolina demostró una gran habilidad para enseñar de manera efectiva y personalizada. Su paciencia y dedicación me permitieron aprender a conversar de manera fluida y correcta en español. Además, su método de enseñanza me ayudó a comprender y utilizar correctamente todos los tiempos verbales. Uno de los aspectos más destacados de su enseñanza fue su enfoque en los tiempos pasados y el uso del subjuntivo. Carolina tiene una habilidad especial para explicar estos conceptos complejos de una manera que es fácil de entender. Gracias a ella, ahora puedo notar la diferencia entre los tiempos de pasado y usar el subjuntivo de manera efectiva en el discurso. En resumen, mi español ha mejorado enormemente gracias a Carolina
Dec 21, 2023
Student Divya
179 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been taking practice sessions for Spanish with Señora Carolina for three weeks now and I am so impressed with her teaching! After three weeks, I can now speak more fluently and only make a few mistakes in my sentences. Señora Carolina is incredibly patient and understanding and is very good at explaining difficult concepts simply. She also gives the context for each word, so that I know when or when not to use them. She pushes you to do your best, by giving homework to practice writing, videos to practice listening and asks you questions to practice speaking. She also always makes sure that even if there was a delay in the class, you get your full time. She is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend her!
May 9, 2020
Student Jean-Luc
31 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thank you Carolina, I learned new words, your internet connection is very good, and you have a very clear pronunciation, it helps a lot !
Nov 5, 2016
Student Bogdan and Grazyna M
Bogdan and Grazyna M
11 Spanish lessons
Discutimos las dificultades que las mujeres tenían en los anos 60 y tienen ahora para conciliar las expansibilidades familiares con trabajo profesional. La clase fue muy interesante.
Jun 12, 2024
Student Jenn F
Jenn F
2 Spanish lessons
Caro was amazing! She made me feel comfortable and confident. Can’t wait for our next lesson
Jun 6, 2024
Student Bogdan and Grazyna M
Bogdan and Grazyna M
11 Spanish lessons
La clase fue muy interesante. Hablamos sobre como tratan a sus profesores los países con mejor educación.
Jun 6, 2024
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