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Γεια σας! Καλωσορίσατε στο προφίλ μου! Hello to everyone! Μy name is Panagiota Papadimitriou. I am a professional online Greek teacher. I was born in Greece and Greek is my native language. I started learning English at the age of 7. So I am very fluent in English. Since my childhood, I wanted to be a teacher. So I followed my dream and I studied in Pedagogical University of Athens. Personally I am an outgoing person. I like meeting people from different countries. I have a lot of good friends from all over the world. From my degree and practical experiences, I can assure you that I understand how to teach people from different levels. I'm very dynamic in teaching.

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Beginner - Pre Intermediate Greek
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156 Reviews

Student Ioannis
41 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Panagiota and I have been preparing for several months for the test ellinomatheias and she is incredibly knowledgeable on the exams and what it takes. Very helpful!
Mar 30, 2023
Student Ben Thomason
Ben Thomason
161 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
I started lessons with Panagiota in August 2021. At our first lesson, Panagiota introduced herself and her teaching method. I was given the choice of three textbook series and was helped to choose the best option for my learning style. We set a target of reaching A1 level within 6 months with 3 x 1-hour lessons per week. Panagiota was flexible with my pace of learning, reducing homework if I had a busy period or increasing the workload if I was making good progress. I was always challenged but never stressed or falling behind. Now at the end of the 6-month package, we far exceeded the target of attaining A1 and I am now revising for the A2 exam! I attribute this to Panagiota’s skill in explaining the content and her ability to recognise where I had mastered a chapter or needed to go over a topic again. In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Panagiota to anyone wishing to learn Greek in a fun and comprehensive way!
Feb 7, 2022
Student Al Patnaude
Al Patnaude
443 Greek lessons
Teacher’s pick
Panagiota creates a welcoming, fun and engaging learning environment. Patient and caring are just some of her positive attributes as an instructor. And she is always ready to change things up to meet your needs and interests. Every single lesson has been a pleasant experience. At some point you just run out of superlatives in describing what a positive experience this has been. A true joy to work with.
Aug 30, 2016
Student Anna
11 Greek lessons
Ως συνήθως εξαιρετικό μάθημα!
Apr 12, 2024
Student Valerie C
Valerie C
54 Greek lessons
I’ve been taking lessons from Panagiota for around 2 years. During this period, each time I visit Greek-speaking family I can tell I have made progress. I think learning a language is like exercise- the best method is the one you will actually do. Panagiota helps keep me motivated to continue learning because of her positive attitude, her flexibility, and good sense of humor.
Apr 11, 2024
Student Anna
11 Greek lessons
Πράγματι η Παναγιώτα είναι μια εξαιρετική καθηγήτρια! Το μάθημά της δομείται γύρω από διάφορες ασκήσεις (γραμματική, προφορικά, πολιτισμός, κτλ.)
Mar 21, 2024
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