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Master/Maîtrise en français, spécialisation en grammaire générale et en français québécois
From CanadaLiving in Quebec, Canada (23:12 UTC-04:00)
About Me
italki teacher since Mar 29, 2016
Interest topicEnvironment & NatureReadingHistory
*** I put my schedule on italki every Monday morning for the week after *** I'm a native French speaker living in Canada and I have a master's degree in French Studies. I know how difficult it can be to learn another language and I would be happy to help you! Interests : literature, linguistics, history, ethnology and ethnography

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Grammar - Advanced level
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Grammar - Intermediate level
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Learn more about Quebec French
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Grammar - Beginner level
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162 Reviews

Student Frank
88 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve been working with Alexandra for several months and my French has improved drastically. She has helped me relearn French, from struggling to remember how to properly use the passé compose vs imparfait and barely being able to muster sentences together to now having conversations in French about Québec culture and history. She has a very wide and in depth knowledge of grammar which she is able to break it down into very simple, digestible steps and she also has a wealth of resources as well as exercises that can help you practice, improve, and understand whichever aspect of the language you’re working on. I highly recommend her; whether you are starting to learn French, want to sharpen your current skills or just to learn more about Québec and the Canadian Francophonie: Alexandra will be able to adjust her pace to your ability and provide you with a road map on how to build on what you know so you can continue to learn and improve.
Apr 22, 2024
Student Raydelto
8 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
As usual, my lesson was delightful. Stop looking for French teachers. Alexandra is the only French teacher you'll ever need.
Jan 14, 2019
Student Diane Whitmore
Diane Whitmore
77 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I was very happy with my lesson with Alexandra! I am an experienced speaker of French as a second language, but like everyone I have room for improvement in languages which are not my native language. I had specific vocabulary questions for her and simply wanted the experience of having a conversation with a native speaker of Québecois French. We started our session precisely at the scheduled time. I found her very easy to understand, very responsive to questions, and very comfortable to interact with. I plan to continue scheduling sessions with her and will be scheduling another lesson soon with the same goals, help with specific questions of usage and the experience of carrying on a conversation with a francophone. This was my first Italki experience and I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy this format and would want to try it again. I did enjoy it very much and I will absolutely be back for more! Merci Alexandra!
Sep 19, 2018
Student Bianca Carvalho
Bianca Carvalho
7 French lessons
Très bon cours et beaucoup de vocabulaire intéressant! J'ai vraiment apris beaucoup de choses sur l'histoire et on a partagé des expériences partout!
Jul 10, 2024
Student Azin
6 French lessons
Aexandra est une très bonne professeure. Elle explique très bien les règles de grammaire. Elle a une passion pour la langue française, ce qui est motivant.
Jun 6, 2024
Student Brent
2 French lessons
I had a great first lesson with Alexandra! I cannot wait for the next!
Jun 5, 2024
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