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italki teacher since Mar 29, 2016
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Award winning Japanese teacher who lived in the UK 🇬🇧 (for 15 years), Germany 🇩🇪 (2 years), Australia 🇦🇺, and the U.S 🇺🇸. I picked up English and Japanese as I grew up. I can speak in different accents! I have been awarded the Duolingo Language Impact Award in 2021. I'm a very articulate speaker, and I explain complicated ideas in a way everyone can understand. I'm also a composer/musician/sound engineer. I've written music for Discovery, Netflix, Universal etc... Recently I started writing stories for TV. Things I like: music, video games (JRPGs), technology, comedy, cats (I have a cat called Yuffie), brain science, exercising, and anime etc.. I welcome everyone with open arms!

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920 Reviews

Student Connor
42 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Taeko always has well structured lessons planned and starts the lesson right on the dot, but she does more than just that. During today’s lesson, she gave me a really great talk about proper learning mentality; basically, when you’re learning a language, you’re teaching a young child. You wouldn’t get angry with a young child for not grasping advanced concepts quickly, so you shouldn’t get angry with yourself either. Really changed the way I think about learning, and I feel like I can be much more patient with myself. What a great teaching moment!
Oct 14, 2021
Student Brandon Pun
Brandon Pun
460 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have been Taeko-sensei's student for a while now and I have to say that she is my favorite teacher I have ever learned under. From the very first lesson, she had a good grasp of where my current skills were at and had strong suggestions for what I needed to improve on. Overtime we developed a lesson plan that worked well for me. Every lesson feels extremely engaging and she she always shows a vested interest in what I have to talk about. It is very much like talking to a friend. I cannot recommend her enough!
May 29, 2020
Student christina keller
christina keller
468 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
My son loves his lessons with Taeko. He is making excellent progress with Japanese. I honestly could not say enough positive things about how working with Taeko has improved my sons foreign language learning experience.
Oct 31, 2017
Student Jørgen Tjernø
Jørgen Tjernø
181 Japanese lessons
I have been meeting with Taekosensei for three years, and she’s extremely professional, very flexible, and so encouraging. She keeps a shared Google Doc of new phrases and words, and shares materials & presentations she has crafted to help learn new grammar or concepts. With shared interests around food, cats, music, and video games, we always have material to discuss & explore. I have recommended Taekosensei to multiple friends who have all enjoyed lessons with her.
Jun 14, 2024
Student Ahmad Mohammad
Ahmad Mohammad
26 Japanese lessons
The materials Teoko provides are invaluable and she writes them from scratch herself! she explains everything in DETAIL!
Jun 1, 2024
Student Chris
6 Japanese lessons
Taeko sensei assessed my current language level and we bonded over both of us being musicians. Then we touched on verb conjugation and made a plan for lessons going forward.
Dec 1, 2023
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