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From JapanLiving in Tokyo, Japan (18:05 UTC+09:00)
I have been teaching singing& voice over 25 years I also offer Japanese singing courses at italki.
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italki teacher since Apr 8, 2020
Hi!I am Takako. I am a singer and a voice teacher in Japan. I love to study and teaching somthing. I have taken a lot of language lessons though italki like English,French, ortuguese....Chinese. They give me not only language knowledge,but also meeting wonderful teachers. I love trip.I would like to accept new ideas and new feelings. 読んでくださって、ありがとうございました。 Thank you for reading my profile. こんにちは! わたしの名前はたかこです。 わたしは日本で、歌手と声の先生、そして、日本語の先生をしています。 わたは、勉強することと、教えることが大好きです。 今まで、italkiで、英語・フランス語・ポルトガル語・中国語・スペイン語・ブルガリア語・ヘブライ語など、多くの言語を学び、素晴らしい先生と出会ってきました。 人との出会いは、わたしにとって、掛け替えのない宝物です。 わたしは、旅をするのも大好きです。 新しい考え方、感じ方を大切にしています。 あなたにお会い出来ることを、心から楽しみにしております。 プロフィールを読んでいただいて、ありがとうございました。 素敵な人生にしましょうね!

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♪歌って知る、覚える、日本語!Learn Japanese thought Japanese songs with professional singer TAKAKO❤️
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431 Reviews

5 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
May 27, 2022
Isabela Rovira
4 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Takako is a fantastic teacher! She thoughtfully walked me through understanding the song lyrics I chose and I really remembered much more vocabulary after this lesson than in other formats. As a musician, I find that making connections between learning languages and learning music is extremely helpful. Even if you are nervous about singing, don't worry, Takako makes you feel safe and comfortable. After all, it's about having fun and learning in a different way!
Mar 1, 2022
4 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had a wonderful first class with Takako-sensei! She was super friendly and energetic in class and used a shared document to send me real-time feedback ;-) The class was very helpful for someone who would love to improve their Japanese accuracy and accent! She is also an expert in voice training, and I also got professional tips on how to make sounds! Will definitely come back for her class again. たかこ先生、本日ありがとうございました。初レッスンはとても楽しかったです😊 母音のアドバイスは本当に役に立ちます!先生のことをもっと知りたいから、今後もぜひよろしくお願いします🎶
Jan 28, 2022
99 Japanese lessons
A great lesson as always! In this chapter, am getting a better understanding of differences in cultural norms between my country and Japan. Sensei always helps me learn things that are never in a textbook. Not only am I gaining a deeper appreciation of Japan, I am able to see my own country's culture from a new perspective. I am so grateful to you, Sensei for teaching me week in and week out. Because of you I am inspired to go deeper in my learning.
Dec 6, 2022
99 Japanese lessons
What a great class! Having finished the first chapter in my new textbook, I worked on an essay to synthesize what I had learned. Sensei helped correct my grammar. But even more importantly, we talked about how the information in the chapter (changing trends in children's names) applies in our own experience. I have studied a number of languages in my life, but studying Japanese has been the most rewarding, in large part due to knowing Sensei.
Nov 29, 2022
99 Japanese lessons
In my new textbook, I was studying some expressions that were really hard for me to understand and use. Sensei really helped me grasp the meaning. I was also studying how the top ten most popular first names have changed over the decades.I didn't know how to pronounce most of the names. Sensei kindly sent me the hiragana for all of them. Sensei really goes above and beyond to help me learn, and it means so much to me. Thank you for everything.
Nov 23, 2022
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