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Have fun learning with me using a science based method! 🙂
From United StatesLiving in Chimaltenango, Guatemala (02:00 UTC-06:00)
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italki teacher since Feb 16, 2017
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Hello! I would love to help you reach your goals in English! 😀🌎 I have extensive training in business-related areas such as career planning, sales, customer service, and interviewing. 💼 I am also an expert in emotional intelligence, leadership, relationships, conflict management, and overcoming emotional blocks. 💡

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931 Reviews

Student Anikó Reichart
Anikó Reichart
25 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
No one could ever have a better teacher than Stephen! He teaches my son since Dec 2021 and I really appreciate that Stephen always encourages him. My son changed a lot, not only his knowledge improved but his confidence as well. I'm so grateful that we were so lucky to choose him to be our teacher.
Jun 10, 2022
Student Nicole
20 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Great Class! Stephen is a great teacher as well as a great friend, he is really humorous also passion about teaching. He could always make sure I got lots of practice during the classes ! He helped me a lot with my interview preparation. I learned a lot about how to tell a good story and polish my personal style. I developed my spoken English a lot and finally got the offer from my dream company !!! Thank you so much, Stephen !
May 22, 2019
Student Adriano Tadao
Adriano Tadao
103 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Today I learned new expression, I discovered some strange rules that we have here in Brazil to foreigners and how to pronounce "Wednesday" hahaha, really great conversation! He helps me a lot to increase my self-confidence. If you have the same fear to speak as I do, you need this guy! =D I never saw a bad expression when I said something very awkward to him hahaha. You are the man, Stephen!
Jan 25, 2018
Student Tim Park
Tim Park
45 English lessons
Your lesson always gives me confidence and energy. Thanks!
Jul 9, 2024
Student Tim Park
Tim Park
45 English lessons
Thank you for a lot of useful expressions. See you next time :)
Jul 6, 2024
Student Tim Park
Tim Park
45 English lessons
Always perfect lesson and nice chat. Thanks buddy!
Jun 27, 2024
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