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Frederico Martins

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Community teacher with 5 years experience on italki
From PortugalLiving in Lisbon, Portugal (21:57 UTC+01:00)
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italki teacher since Jul 17, 2017
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I am deeply passionate about teaching the Portuguese language and education. My commitment to fostering linguistic proficiency ensures that students successfully attain their language objectives, whether it involves preparing for exams, engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations or even reconnecting with ancestral roots through language acquisition. Through a structured and tailored approach to teaching, I strive to create an enriching and productive learning environment for my students.

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Exame preparation
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387 Reviews

Student Lorena Glover
Lorena Glover
37 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
If you're looking for a really great tutor, look no further - you just found him! My conversations with Frederico are always fun and interesting! I've had many conversations with him over the past year or more and it's like talking to a good friend (a friend who corrects my many errors!). Don't hesitate - book your session now! Se procuras um professor muito bom, não procures mais - acabas de encontrá-lo! As minhas conversas com o Frederico sempre são divertidas e interessantes! Temos conversado muito há mais de um ano e é como falar com um bom amigo (um amigo que corrige as minhas muitas erras)! Não hesites - marca a tua aula agora!
Aug 12, 2021
Student yis
133 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
프레드 선생님과 포르투갈어를 공부한지 8개월째인데 항상 재미있는 수업과 실제 살아있는 표현들을 배울수 있어 넘 좋아요~
Aug 8, 2021
Student Ieva Grazhyte
Ieva Grazhyte
16 Portuguese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Frederico is the best Portuguese tutor you can find. He's a very intellectual person and a very patient teacher (I mean it), I'm sure that he will find a suitable method to reach your linguistic goals and explore Portuguese culture. I personally did great progress thanks to him.
Jan 28, 2021
Student Sara
1 Portuguese lesson
Frederico was awesome, we only had an intro lesson but felt like we got a lot out of it. We are beginners but still managed to try to practice speaking Portuguese during the lesson. We will be booking more !
Jul 12, 2024
Student Georgios Polyglot
Georgios Polyglot
1 Portuguese lesson
Mit Frederico hatte ich eine sehr schöne, informative und lehrreiche Konversation über Akzente, Grammatik, Aussprache Land und Leute. Er ist sehr freundlich und hat Humor. Auf jeden Fall nochmal buchen, sehr empfehlenswert. Bis bald 👋
Jun 28, 2024
Student Christian
1 Portuguese lesson
My first lesson with Frederico was very pleasant. He is a friendly, helpful and patient tutor. Looking forward to the next lesson.
Jun 10, 2024
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