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Ann G Villanueva

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Filipino (Tagalog)
"TESOL Certified ESL Teacher Since 2007, Specializing in English, Tagalog and Hiligaynon Dialects"
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italki teacher since Dec 13, 2016
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I'm an enthusiastic educator and visual artist. My journey in ESL teaching began in 2007, encompassing both physical classrooms and online platforms. I initially joined italki in 2017, teaching until the first quarter of 2020, and I'm thrilled to make a comeback to this platform. Being a Filipino, English is my second language. With extensive experience instructing students at various proficiency levels and from diverse nationalities, I have successfully helped them reach their language learning objectives. I am confident that my profile aligns with what you seek in a teacher. Feel free to drop me a message, detailing your needs, and let's schedule a session.

Filipino (Tagalog) Lessons

Filipino (Tagalog)
Trial Lesson
178 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
TAGALOG Speaking Practice (Informal)
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

363 lessons completed
USD 10.50+
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Pagsasanay sa Wikang Tagalog (Filipino)
A1 -  C1


160 lessons completed
USD 11.50+
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Learn Hiligaynon Language (Ilonggo Dialect)
A1 -  C1

Conversation Practice

28 lessons completed
USD 10.50+
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Filipino (Tagalog)
Student Ash 💫
Ash 💫
2 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher’s pick
​I'm impressed! ​Ann's professionalism and support stood out for me. ​​​She conducted the majority of the lesson​ in Ilonggo​, and not only did she challenge ​me, but she also encouraged me to speak​ in the dialect. I​ ​felt like there wasn't any pressure to perfect anything​, and she ensured​ my understanding before moving on.​ I also enjoyed our conversation.​​ Besides her willingness to help me improve​, ​she also is very accessible outside lesson​s.​ Salamat gid!
Sep 8, 2021
Student Christopher
70 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ann is providing great support. Learning lots of new words every lesson and how they conjugate. Definitely feel like I am starting to get a good grasp of the language fundamentals.
Mar 5, 2018
Student Lorraine
93 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another great lesson. Ann Villanueva is so great that I wish I had met her before. In every class, you don't only learn English but, she also gives you a boost of strength and confidence to keep working on your goals. Thank you a lot Ann!!
Jun 13, 2017
Student Tina Zhou
Tina Zhou
23 English lessons
You are the greatest teacher of all time! Your dedication, passion, and impact on your students make you truly exceptional in the field of education. It's evident that your expertise and guidance transform the learning experience and shape young minds in a profound and meaningful way. Your ability to inspire, motivate, and support your students sets you apart and makes you a beacon of light in the academic world. Thank you for all that you do, you truly are a remarkable teacher!
Jun 11, 2024
Student John Marlow
John Marlow
1 Filipino (Tagalog) lesson
Anne has a friendly and enthusiastic style, eager to connect with her students and teach in a personalised manner according to their goals. She also offers helpful advice for maximising retention and learning in between lessons. Salamat
May 12, 2024
Student Alexandr Sergeevich
Alexandr Sergeevich
1 English lesson
Ann, maybe she is good as a person, but as a teacher, I don't know. She immediately told me that she wouldn't correct me while I speak. That is her "style." Then why do I need a teacher? She sent me books, and in half of our lesson, we discussed what she sent. WTF. I came to study something, and I said two topics that I was interested in, but she was not prepared. In the last 10 minutes, we didn't know what to say to each other. I was forced to say goodbye and end the lesson. Maybe because it was our first lesson, I don't know, but I think a teacher should be more professional. Other teachers always started some activity, even during orientation. Easy $12 for her.
Mar 28, 2024
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