Elena Fofunova

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From Russian FederationLiving in Tbilisi, Georgia (09:29 UTC+03:00)
writer and poet
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italki teacher since May 19, 2021
Всем привет! Hello everyone! My name is Elena and Russian is my native language. Now I am leaving in Saint Petersburg. I studied history and anthropology in Russia. Someday I dream to continue my research education and start a Ph.D.) I have been teaching Russian as a foreign language for about 4 years. Teaching and supervising are my passion, apart from Russian I have been teaching history and writing. I am interested in literature, contemporary poetry, history, teaching, volunteering, anthropology, traveling, gender studies, and language learning. Also, I started to do yoga recently. We can discuss difficult, academic subjects, or just chat about everyday topics.

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19 Reviews

1 Russian lesson
Teacher’s pick
Elena was friendly, encouraging and explained key grammatical points clearly. Thank you for a great lesson!
Nov 13, 2022
3 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Elena is a great tutor. If your Russian isn't so good and you tend to go off on tangents in English because of that, she will kindly, but firmly, redirect you back to Russian, so, by the end of even a half hour session, you really feel as if you got what you paid for. I definitely recommend her.
Jul 5, 2021
Kevin Parker
2 Russian lessons
Great lesson, excellent teacher
Nov 25, 2022
3 Russian lessons
For many of us, the past couple of years have been a little bit crazy. And for me, especially, the last couple of months have made me realize more than ever how very short and fragile life really can be. But Elena has been nothing but compassionate, understanding, and flexible throughout it all. Some iTalki teachers will come and go and others are worth keeping, but Elena is definitely one of the ones worth hanging on to.
Dec 19, 2021
3 Russian lessons
Though Elena can speak English, she's probably going to speak to you almost the entire time in Russian, so Elena is really great for the student of Russian who is at the B1 level and above. I'm not quite there yet, but she is patient and kind, so even though this may be a daunting challenge, you can get through it if you're motivated and your Russian will be better for it. I hope my Russian is even better when we meet again!
Oct 15, 2021
Nathan (Mandarin老师)
10 Russian lessons
Давно не увиделись. Had a wonderful time picking up my Russian, by talking about recent life.
Oct 8, 2021
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