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I have been helping people reach their target IELTS score for 15+ years!
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italki teacher since Feb 8, 2017
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I have been teaching English as a second language since 2005. During my rather extensive career, I have taught in both middle and high schools, universities, some of the more reputable language centres, and one-on-one online lessons. This varied experience has equipped me with the skills needed to teach a wide range of students with a host of different goals. I have been living in Asia for two decades and I know firsthand the difficulties of learning a new language and struggling with the barriers a lack of language can cause. As such, I work hard to create a relaxed atmosphere in my lessons that I believe is conducive to a productive class.

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562 Reviews

Student Sevil
69 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thom is a fantastic teacher! I always look forward our classes because they are full of fun, discussions, and communication. He is not just a teacher but also a friend, who accompanies you in your path to the goal. It is amazing, how he manages to create such a warm atmosphere during his lessons, as though, you are his only student. I feel very comfortable in his course. He is truly dedicated to his work. I think, that being professional is not just having a lot of knowledge and practice. The master ability to explain complex things in simple language, so that even a child can understand them, this is real aerobatics, and Thom is the one who has this knack. Thom, you are the best!!!
Jan 18, 2024
Student Hisa
3 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
He is the best teacher ever. I took a lesson for my interview preparation and I’m so impressed with his great lecture. I really look forward to taking his lesson a next time.
Apr 16, 2022
Student Nicholas Strelets
Nicholas Strelets
6 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tom helped me to get 7.0 in the IELTS test. His help in preparing for the Speaking and Writing parts was invaluable for me. Tom is a very big professional, his lessons are well-structured and full of hardworking. Tom will be a good choice, if you want to get a good score in the IELTS
May 12, 2018
Student Natalia
1 English lesson
Excellent introductory lesson! Tom provided an overview of IELTS speaking.
May 27, 2024
Student Elsa and Hannah
Elsa and Hannah
1 English lesson
May 21, 2024
Student Ekaterina Morgan
Ekaterina Morgan
1 English lesson
Tom has clearly outlined the strategy for my exam preparation, gave me the right feedback, and positive comments.
May 17, 2024
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