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Getting people to learn and speak more Spanish since 2017!
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italki teacher since Feb 26, 2019
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I'm a Spanish teacher and a university student at University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Currently writing my thesis to get my degree in Communication Sciences, with a specialization in Educational processes. I love reading, listening to music, watching movies, cooking, swimming, dancing tango, and, of course, learning languages! I'm really fond of education, languages and cultures, so being a Spanish teacher was the natural path for me!

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586 Reviews

Student Nicholas Gooderham
Nicholas Gooderham
8 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Usually I write the feedback in Spanish, but I want to make sure that any potential student can understand it. I had reached a plateau in my Spanish learning and had lost my motivation. However, since I started taking classes with Kevin, that has all changed. He is always well prepared with resources and google documents. He is not only a great teacher but a great guy with a lot of knowledge of many things such as, current affairs, history, and the arts. If you want to meet a great guy and improve your Spanish then book a class with Kevin! ¡Muchas gracias amigo, y hasta en la Proxima!
Sep 9, 2019
Student D'André Marcellus
D'André Marcellus
5 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Class with Kevin was excellent. He is a great at asking interesting questions to elicit more speaking from me, which is the goal. He is also very supportive and encouraging when I'm speaking by giving me physical and verbal cues to show I'm being understood which allows me to build confidence in speaking and trying more complex constructions. He also reviewed my errors at the end of the lesson, he was so engaged that I didn't even realize he was taking notes. I strongly recommend Kevin, and I will def be taking more classes with him.
Jul 30, 2019
Student Alex
9 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kevin was great! I scheduled an incorrect time by mistake and he still found time for me in his day to teach me. Truly dedicated to his work, thanks a lot!
May 23, 2019
Student Dan Klingspon
Dan Klingspon
8 Spanish lessons
Siempre es un placer platicar con Kevin. Siempre me ayuda mucho con palabras y estructuras, etc para mejorar mis habilidades conversacionales. ¡Gracias Kevin!
Jun 13, 2024
Student Dan Klingspon
Dan Klingspon
8 Spanish lessons
Acabo de terminar otra clase fenomenal con Kevin. Es un profe excelente. Espero con ansias verlo otra vez muy pronto.
May 29, 2024
Student Will
155 Spanish lessons
Kevin is the best. He is funny and keeps me talking while we discuss articles we have read and the follies of the Tango world. He shares corrections at the end of the lesson and every time I learn a little more
May 8, 2024
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