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我现在在中国大连,a native Speaker.我非常喜爱我国的文化,而教授Mandarin使我可以和大家分享中国文化。 Now I live in Dalian China,I'm a native Speaker. I love the culture of my Country very much! And I like to share it as I teach Mandarin.

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78 Reviews

Britt Martin
1 Chinese (Mandarin) lesson
Teacher’s pick
Ms. Wang was an amazing teacher and I absolutely loved my lesson with her. Very intelligent and very open to have conversation about any topic in chinese and she was very patient with me stumbling over my words and grammar and pushed me to talk about difficult topics that were just beyond my reach. 10/10
Jul 10, 2018
Matthew Seaman
3 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
她的京剧课非常有意思,解释了各种角色, 涂成什么颜色表示什么角色, 弄清楚京剧有很多部分, 也是中国的国粹。 她很有耐心, 愿意把刚说的话再说多次让我听懂
Mar 11, 2018
2 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had a great first lesson! J.L is very kind and patient, even when I made mistakes she would politely correct me or if the conversation was flowing well she didn't say anything but typed out the more natural way to say it, which was really good because it means I can see how to say it and I know I made a small mistake, but it doesn't disrupt the the conversation. Like I said, she is very kind and happy to talk about any topic. Whenever I got stuck and wasn't sure what to say, she would find a way to keep the conversation going whilst still using only Chinese (as I had requested), and would patiently repeat what she had said several different ways until I understood it. She also has no accent (that I noticed), so even if you are a beginner she will be very easy to understand. I highly recommend her!! ^^
Dec 6, 2017
Leonard Attard
15 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Rebecca has endless patience with students like me who get anxious with trying to speak. But I like her calm way of teaching and with her help I am overcoming my anxiety. A very productive hour. Thank you so much Rebecca.
Jun 5, 2022
Leonard Attard
15 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Another very productive lesson. And s a result time went fast. Rebecca is slowly slowly teaching me to be more and more confident.....so important when learning to speak a language, as opposed to learning grammar. Thank you Rebecca.
May 28, 2022
Leonard Attard
15 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Thank you again Rebecca for another high achievement lesson. Each of your lessons convinces me that I should have had a good teacher from the beginning of my Chinese learning.
May 21, 2022
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