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From United Republic of TanzaniaLiving in Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania (01:33 UTC+03:00)
Swahili teacher with experience of 7 years.
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italki teacher since May 25, 2020
Jambo I am Joshua and I am from Zanzibar, My greatest passion is teaching. I was born and raised in Tanzania and experience great success at school due to amazing and unforgettable teachers. This is the foundation of my commitment to helping out my students. I love helping people achieve their goals.

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Negation, tenses, Verb to have+ subjects+ personal and possessive pronouns+ time+ demonstrative+locatives+question words+ objects prefix
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Conversation practice na Swahili literature
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73 Reviews

Hyunjung Cha
9 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
Joshua is always well prepared. I learn new things in every lesson with Joshua!
Jan 31, 2023
10 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
Joshua ni mwalimu mzuri sana. Tulizungumza kwa Kiswahili kwa muda wote na aliweza kunisaidia niliposahau neno. Aliweza kubadilisha mafundisho yake kulingana na kiwanja chake pia. Alinisaidia sana na ningependekeza kwamba upange wakati wa kusoma naye. / Joshua is a very good teacher. We spoke in Swahili the whole time and he was able to help me whenever I forgot a word. He was able to change his teaching according to my level as well. He is very helpful and I would recommend booking a lesson and studying with him.
Mar 11, 2022
Jonathan Porter
5 Swahili lessons
Teacher’s pick
Joshua is a great teacher. It was a fantastic lesson and Joshua was very clear and good at answering my questions. We read a story as well and then discussed it, which was really helpful for me to learn new vocabulary. Looking forward to the next lesson!
Aug 28, 2020
10 Swahili lessons
Joshua knows what works for my level and adapts to my needs. Some things I appreciate: 1. He always speaks with me in Swahili the entire time, which I appreciate a ton! Many teachers try to explain things in English or talk in English, when what I really want is full conversation practice. 2. He speaks slowly in order for me to understand, but not so slowly that it's tiring. He's very good at gauging the speed that is comfortable for me. 3. The class is an actual conversation! It isn't just explanations thrown at me, or the teacher talking the whole time. We actually discuss different topics like in a normal conversation. This makes it much more interactive and fun. Mwalimu mzuri sana!
Oct 14, 2022
10 Swahili lessons
Nzuri kama siku zote!
Sep 30, 2022
Langston Morrison
5 Swahili lessons
May 18, 2022
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