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Hi everyone, I'm Tatsuki. I'm 27 and currently am in Japan. I love learning languages. Now I'm studying English, Italian, Danish, and Swedish. My hobbies are traveling, watching movies, reading books, and playing/watching soccer. Soccer has always been my passion and I really love it. I traveled many times in the Kansai area. So, if you want to learn Japanese and travel around Osaka, I can help you with your Japanese and give you some recommendations :)

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Luis de la Rosa
9 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tatsuki-san is really a teacher you should try having lessons with. He's friendly and easy to talk to, and it almost feels like you're having a nice conversation with a friend, which makes learning much easier and fun. As for my lessons, I've been taking reading lessons, and while I read and learn something new in every lesson, I also get to know new words, expressions, and their nuances. I can say I've been able to expand my vocabulary, and implement interesting phrases into my out-of-class Japanese conversations. Also, he's super committed to solving doubts, and every time I've asked for explanation on rather confusing grammar, he made an effort to teach me. たつき先生、色々教えてくれてありがとうございます。
Jul 28, 2023
60 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Tatsuki-sensei è un insegnante fantastico e sono molto soddisfatta del percorso che stiamo svolgendo insieme. Con lui mi sono trovata bene dall’inizio, ma ho deciso di scrivere la mia recensione dopo 16 lezioni insieme per potere condividere maggiori elementi. Tatsuki è molto professionale, paziente ed efficace nel suo stile di insegnamento. Le lezioni sono personalizzate e strutturate, con una sequenza negli argomenti che mi sta aiutando a progredire costantemente. Le spiegazioni sono chiare e avvengono in un’atmosfera rilassata, combinazione ideale per apprendere al meglio. Le mie domande sono benvenute, cosa per me fondamentale per capire a fondo un argomento. Tatsuki conosce molto bene l’italiano. Questa conoscenza profonda, combinata con le sue abilità di insegnante, fa emergere le sinergie esistenti tra il giapponese l’italiano, cosa sulla quale non è possibile far leva nello studio intermediato dall’inglese. Sono molto felice di continuare il mio percorso con Tatsuki-sensei!
Dec 13, 2022
Natalia Smyczynska
83 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
it was my second lesson with Tatsuki san. I really liked the lesson. I have learned new grammar and vocabulary, although it was just 30 minutes. Tatsuki san is very observant, he realised that I was repeating a lot in English one sentence structure and gave me extra grammar to learn so I could become more natural I speaking. can't wait to increase my speaking skills with him and start having 1 hour lessons :) I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Feb 8, 2021
242 Japanese lessons
Amazing teacher. The most patient. I enjoy all my lessons.
Dec 4, 2023
1 Japanese lesson
Thanks for the great trial lesson!
Nov 28, 2023
1 Japanese lesson
Cool teacher.
Nov 8, 2023
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