Youssef Ajjoub

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Arabic (Levantine)
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A Certified Professor of Arabic and English for 20 yrs AND Director of Language Institute for 15 yrs
From Syrian Arab RepublicLiving in Gottingen, Germany (06:49 UTC+03:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 16, 2020
Interest topicSports & FitnessPets & AnimalsMedical & Healthcare
Hello, My name is Youssef and I am a professional teacher of English and Arabic. I love travelling and doing sport. I finished my master in English Philology in Germany, and I still live there. Currently, doing a PhD in Germany. Other certificates: - Bachelor in English Literature. - Diploma in Education. - Diploma in Management Native Arabic and native-like speaker of English which is crucial to understand how both language work. A trainer of teachers where I teach them on how to teach languages. Very patient ;) B1 in German language. Work experience: A Teacher since 2006. A CEO for a non-governmental organization. A manager of institute for teaching languages.

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Arabic (Levantine)
Ale A
19 Arabic (Modern Standard) lessons
Teacher’s pick
I feel so lucky that I've bumped into Youssef's profile when looking for an Arabic teacher. Over the last few months, he's been accompanying my first steps in learning this wonderful language and he's provided me with a highly fruitful methodology and a lot of motivation. From a professional point of view, Youssef approaches the teaching and learning process with a remarkable knowledge and linguistic expertise. His proven skills acquired thanks to his high academic profile and engaged career and practical life have been paramount in my first experience with Arabic. What is more, he's so well-organised and punctual, highly responsive and kind. From a personal point of view, he's honest and modest and his sense of humous contributes positively to our lessons. In light of this, I've always had the impression that my knowledge of Arabic has been improving quantitatively and qualitatively. Thank you, Youssef!
Jul 18, 2021
6 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Youssef Ajjoub has brilliant teaching skills, and his guiding is patient and supportive during the lesson. He is good at giving examples and tests to help me remember the new grammar, I enjoy our every lesson and I'm happy that my Arabic is improving through the lessons. I'll recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Arabic grammar and writing, he has nice sense of humor and experienced teaching skills to make you learn with smiles!
Aug 26, 2020
7 Arabic lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was an excellent lesson. As a former language teacher myself, I am glad that Youssef understands the concept of reducing teacher talk time and I appreciate how he encourages and facilitates student production of Arabic during his class. You will speak more than your tutor speaks, which is quite important for learning how to speak a language.
May 2, 2020
71 Arabic lessons
Apr 25, 2023
4 Arabic lessons
Youssef was very helpful with helping to continue lessons even though I had to reschedule. He is understanding and proactive.
Mar 5, 2023
4 Arabic lessons
Youssef understands education and language acquisition and wants to help make language goals possible.
Feb 18, 2023
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