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italki teacher since Aug 1, 2018
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I live in Korea, and I love travelling as well as learning new languages, so I took the opportunity to travel to wonderful places such as Thailand and China. Because of this, I had so many precious experiences, like making friends with the local people and sharing their cultures. I have a background in the Arts and Art History, but also learning and teaching language is one of my passions. For example, I've been learning English, a little bit of Thai, and Mandarin. Because of that, I have a great deal that I want to share with those of you who are

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329 Reviews

Student Andreas R.S.
Andreas R.S.
67 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eujin is an amazing tutor who makes language learning interesting and motivating! 🙌🤩 Learning language is a marathon, not a sprint - especially if language studies is not what you do full time. She's helped me stay motivated and progressing with learning Korean whilst working in South Korea. I've attended several Korean language schools in the past and she teaches their curriculum better than any of them. But unlike them, she's flexible and receives requests. When I wanted to stop the traditional Korean language learning style (module based, steep progress, grammar focused, memorization-centric) and switch to a more conversation-based style where we practice useful scenarios that I encounter as a foreigner, she quickly found materials we could use and completely changed the setup of the class. It has been super useful! That speaks of how competent and service-oriented she is as a tutor. I highly recommend Eujin to anyone wanting to learn Korean!🔥👍
Oct 20, 2023
Student Andrew
61 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I took a class with Eujin 선생님 for the first time in many years, and she is still my favorite Korean teacher. She is extremely bright and welcoming, and adapts the lesson to exactly your needs. It is like talking to an old friend! Looking forward to our next class.
Jun 13, 2023
Student Tommy Zhu
Tommy Zhu
69 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eujin is a terrific teacher who's kind, knowledgeable, organized, and encouraging. She would keep an excel sheet for all the new words or phrases we covered during our sessions, which is great for me to go back to and review on my own. She is also great at adjusting herself to match the student's language level, we talked mainly in Korean from the start even though I was just at beginner level back then, and slowly incorporated more complicated grammar. My Korean skills have increased drastically since taking lessons with Eujin and I’ve become more confident in speaking Korean thanks to her encouragement. Huge thanks to Abigail for recommending Eujin (●'◡'●) Looking forward to many more lessons in the future! 有珍老师非常平易近人,知识丰富,有条理而且很会鼓励学生。她给每个学生都准备了专门的excel表用来记录上课时学到的单词或语法,这样方便我课后可以自己复习。她还很会根据学生的韩语水平来调整自己说话的速度和语法复杂度,我们从第一次上课就基本可以只用韩语交流,尽管我当时还只是初学者,后来慢慢随着我水平的提高会开始用更复杂的语法和单词。和유진上课以后我的韩语水平有了大幅进步,而且她一直的鼓励让我对口语也信心大增。特别感谢我的朋友Abigail跟我推荐了有珍老师 (●'◡'●) 期待未来也再接再厉!
Feb 17, 2023
Student Abigail | 유나
Abigail | 유나
32 Korean lessons
It's been a very long time since my last lesson with 이선생님. Speaking with her was like talking to an old friend. The hour quickly flew by as we shared life updates. Eujin is a wonderful conversationalist, always asking relevant and interesting questions. She continues to be incredibly encouraging and patient. I look forward to improving my 한국어 skills with her. 감사합니다!
Jun 10, 2024
Student Jan Michael
Jan Michael
42 Korean lessons
수업하고 대화를 항상 즐거웠어요
May 8, 2024
Student Neil
41 Korean lessons
I had another spectacular lesson with Eujin! We discussed the way in which to indicate doing two activities at the same time. I cannot wait for my next lesson with Eujin!
May 3, 2024
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