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The Slavist you need to bring your knowledge of Macedonian to a new level!
From North MacedoniaLiving in Skopje, North Macedonia (12:36 UTC+02:00)
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italki teacher since Sep 22, 2017
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Hi there, this is Jovan! I am a linguist who enjoys teaching, who likes to travel, and who has a passion for politics, history, literature, architecture, and technology. I enjoy following and keeping up with global news and my hobbies are reading books and watching series and movies! I am able to work with any student out there, be that a beginner or someone who needs to improve a specific area of knowledge, regarding the Macedonian language. I strive to change the way knowledge is passed on with common everyday examples, for a better understanding of the grammar and the functioning of the language.

Macedonian Lessons

Trial Lesson
145 lessons completed
USD 6.50+
General Macedonian Lessons (Beginner/ following a teach-book)
A1 -  C2


2,155 lessons completed
USD 14.00+
Package with 5% off
Conversational Macedonian (А2+) - Разговорен македонски јазик (А2+)
A2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

282 lessons completed
USD 12.50
Package with 4% off
Advance Macedonian Lesson / Напреден македонски (B2+)
B2 -  C2


297 lessons completed
USD 14.50+
Package with 5% off
•NEW• Macedonian for two / Македонски за двајца
A1 -  C2


23 lessons completed
USD 21.60+
Package with 4% off
•NEW• Learn Macedonian through reading - Учете македонски преку читање
B1 -  C2


0 lessons completed
USD 13.00
Package with 5% off


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276 Reviews

Student Ege Çağan
Ege Çağan
69 Macedonian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Learning Macedonian with Jovan, through reading about Macedonian culture, watching videos in Macedonian language, learning vocabulary from the scripts and the amount of speaking we do, really contribute on my improvement of the language.
Jan 26, 2024
Student Eitan S
Eitan S
81 Macedonian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Jovan is a great teacher. He is a very nice and smart person and know his history. Also, he changes a reasonable price. Highly recommend!
Jul 15, 2023
Student Jesse Nagel
Jesse Nagel
207 Macedonian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Благодарам за уште една одлична лекција!
Sep 13, 2021
Student Ege Çağan
Ege Çağan
69 Macedonian lessons
Мислам дека сега можам слободно да ги изразам моите чувства најчесто на македонски јазик. Фала многу Јован.
Jun 20, 2024
Student sarah-russwurm
2 Macedonian lessons
What a fantastic session! Within an hour Jovan explained several grammatical concepts in a fun, understandable and patient manner. Never would I have imagined that I can already form basic sentences after just 1 1/2 hours of language lessons - especially not in a language I knew nothing of before. Jovan really knows the intricate details of Macedonian and has a fantastic way of teaching. He clearly knows what he’s doing!
Jun 19, 2024
Student sarah-russwurm
2 Macedonian lessons
Great first lesson today! We discussed in detail my language goals and my goal timeframe, and came up with a great plan to achieve these goals. Jovan was enthusiastic, explained things very well (even something as complex as the Cyrillic alphabet), and provided me with a wealth of learning resources. I’m very much looking forward to the next language sessions!
Jun 17, 2024
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