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Certified Pashto and Dari teacher
From AfghanistanLiving in Kandahar, Afghanistan (16:18 UTC+04:30)
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italki teacher since Apr 18, 2018
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As a Pashto language teacher, I have a long experience in language teaching. I am a native Pashto speaker, and also speak Dari language very well. In addition, I have a long experience in teaching Arabic. I hav worked as a teacher in many international humanitarian organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and Global Partnership for Education (GPE). also I have worked as a teacher in Afghan schools. My hobby is reading and discussing, especially on cultural and social issues. If you are with me here in Itaki, you will learn Pashto quickly and learn more about Afghan culture.

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193 Reviews

Student Jordan
118 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
Thanks largely to Aziz Rahman Hazim's help, I earned a 3 on the ACTFL exam for spoken pashto. This score indicates professional fluency and I think this speaks more to Aziz's talents than any particular skill I have in language learning. I would not have obtained this score without the scores of reading materials, spoken lessons, and transcriptions that he so skillfully conveyed throughout my period of study. Aziz knows how to write and articulate himself well in pashto. This is a rarity among pashto tutors on this site and I would say he was far and away the most competent instructor that I encountered among ~6 total. If you have an idea for what you want, not only will he work with you, he make your idea go above and beyond your original objectives. Moreover, his voice is friendly and his general demeanor throughout the lessons encourages you to speak. Go for him if you want to learn pashto. I earned a 3 on the exam, and I doubt many other teachers can provide what he does.
Apr 20, 2022
Student Melanie Owens
Melanie Owens
6 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
Very polite and patient. He was able to explain in detail the grammar, pronouns, and propositions.
Apr 10, 2022
Student Caitlin
5 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had a great lesson with Aziz. I have learned another language previously but for now I cannot learn another due to time. However I do want to get some word banks and verb banks filled in so I can store vocabulary and familiarise myself with Pashto words and grammar rules so I feel I am getting somewhere and all time is not being lost. I made a HUGE list of verbs where you could write them in infinitive form and present progressive tense. He filled them all out perfectly! There were a lot! He was very happy to help and work for now in a way that will benefit the student better. I would highly recommend Aziz for this reason. I am taking another session tomorrow for prepositions and conjunctions and then one other for town/city and family nouns. After that I will return to him for lessons. 5 star!
Jan 10, 2022
Student anas khan
anas khan
5 Pashto lessons
Don’t even know where the time goes when I’m having classes with Mr Aziz. He is very patient with me and I am enjoying the classes a lot. Will continue taking them until I become fluent. ډیره مننه
Jan 14, 2024
Student khadé
2 Pashto lessons
It was my very first time learning the Pashto language with teacher Aziz, it was really good and I honestly enjoyed it. Teacher Aziz uses good tools to teach and a good technique to help me memorise and keep every word in my mind. Thank you teacher Aziz
Sep 12, 2023
Student anas khan
anas khan
5 Pashto lessons
Adding new words/phrases to my vocabulary every lesson!
Aug 28, 2023
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