Niko Chitashvili

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From Russian FederationLiving in Tbilisi, Georgia (21:48 UTC+04:00)
About Me
italki teacher since May 1, 2018
Interest topicFinanceMusicMovies
I've been passionate about linguistics since I was a kid. By a freak of fate, however, I'd chosen economics, and after taking a master's degree began my career in investment banking where I gained a solid 7-year experience as a financial advisor. In 2018 I've done an about-face towards teaching. In total there's over 5000 lessons with 500 students under my belt- online for italki and face-to-face for Berlitz. I believe I've found my true vocation in life. Given I was raised in a thoroughly musical family, my second passion is music. In my spare time, I worship listening to it, playing the guitar, and singing.

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1,613 Reviews

118 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Niko and I spent an enjoyable hour talking about podcasting and regional ways of speaking/slang. I really appreciate Niko's corrections and his ability to quickly think of idiomatic ways to phrase my ideas. Thanks for an enjoyable year of teaching!
Dec 28, 2021
126 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Niko is a great teacher who has helped me from forming bad habits in Russian. His approach is varied between conversation, grammar and vocabulary building, and he’s done a fantastic job helping me to learn the basics, while also teaching me to speak about my interests. Lessons are always fun and casual, while also incredibly helpful to anyone seriously looking to learn Russian. I can already notice enormous strides in my conversation skills, and I look forward to making more!
Oct 12, 2021
Jacob Berntsson
53 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Niko is one of the best teachers out there. He has a very pedagogical approach and is great at adjusting his lessons to suit the students’ needs. The topics we have covered in class range from basic grammar to the peculiar world of contemporary Russian slang. There are simply no limits to how you can explore the Russian language and culture with Niko. He is also excellent at thinking of English equivalents to Russian expressions, making it easier to grasp some of the more complex Russian sayings and concepts. On top of all this, he is intelligent, knowledgeable and nice to talk to. I can’t recommend Niko as a teacher highly enough.
Oct 7, 2021
Guersom Ralda
1 Russian lesson
I thoroughly enjoyed my first trial lesson with Niko. I'm a native English and Spanish speaker who has been self-studying Russian for 2 years. During our lesson, we spoke about various topics, went over vocabulary and went over my learning goals. He shared common phrases and tailored the lesson to my needs. All in all, I highly recommend you book a lesson with him, you will not be disappointed.
May 26, 2023
1 Georgian lesson
Niko seems to have a full grasp of how to cater to a student's level and needs, along with what works best for them. Very engaged and motivating, encouraging to do homework daily in order to progress with Georgian.
May 25, 2023
9 Russian lessons
another great lesson, learning about the asymmetries of translation and culture and new vocab
May 23, 2023
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