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Friendly and entertaining language learning and improvement ; 4+ years exp ; all ages admited ;)
From FranceLiving in Tours, France (19:41 UTC-05:00)
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italki teacher since Jan 13, 2020
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J'ai un diplôme universitaire en biologie. J'ai un mode de vie nomade : je passe généralement quelques jours ou semaines dans un endroit donné. L'enseignement sur Italki est ma seule activité professionnelle en ce moment. I graduated in biology. Right now, I have a nomad way of life : I usually spend a few days or a few weeks in a given place. Teaching on Italki is my only professional activity at that moment. Estudie biologia en la universidad. En este momento vivo como nomade : generalmente, paso varios dias o semanas en el sitio dondé estoy. Dar clases en Italki es mi unica actividad profesional esos dias.

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319 Reviews

62 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I would recommend Julien to anyone wanting to improve their French. I have always felt very comfortable when speaking with Julien and this makes learning a new language so much easier. He is patient and very personable. Every lesson we explore new topics, which gives me the chance to improve my vocabulary and ensures that the lesson is always entertaining. Julien is a great teacher and I have enjoyed every lesson.
Aug 10, 2022
Annsley Bangkas
60 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I don't get nervous when I have class with Julien, unlike when I used to go to school. Our sessions are pretty free-flowing, so that I now imagine I can actually sort of speak French, haha (a few months weekly). He is funny, accommodating, and keeps me on track when I start making wild theories about grammar. 😁 He is an interesting person, to me, to boot, so sometimes when I am unable to do my homework I just ask him to talk, about boat rides and local delicacies, and I get to practice asking questions. 😁 Bref, my confidence is up, such that when I have to go back to work after our session I almost start writing emails in French. 😁
Aug 6, 2022
162 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Comme d'habitude, on a eu une très bonne conversation qui m'a aidé beaucoup à utiliser et le vocabulaire de base et de la vie quotidienne. Merci beaucoup Julien pour ta patience et faire de la classe une expérience d'apprentissage agréable 😊
Jan 14, 2022
2 English lessons
Matrise bien les nuances du francais
Jan 27, 2024
Monina L
6 French lessons
I really appreciate the care he takes in laying a strong foundation for the language. He's evidently very prepared and patient, so I quite enjoy my lessons with Julien
Jan 18, 2024
Monina L
6 French lessons
My first lesson with Julien was great. He's very engaging and patient, and his fluency in English and knowledge of Spanish make things much easier to understand.
Jan 3, 2024
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